How Super Smash Bros. Brawl Could Be The Greatest

So how can Masahiro Sakurai, designer of Smash Bros. 64, Smash Bros. Melee, and currently Smash Bros. Brawl, make the Wii version the best ever? First let's break it down into the following categories:

Online Play

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RBlaze6538d ago

I love the way that this guy seems to think he knows the recipe to the perfect game! Smash Bros Brawl is bound to be great as long as it follows the same style as its N64 and Gamecube cousins. They should definately consider more then 4player multiplay online... So people have the option of playing it, even if they choose not to.

TheMART6536d ago

Damn but still I am going to get a Wii with my 360 just for fun.

In the beginning I thought, well maybe I'll get a PS3 besides my 360 if they can get it right this time around (after PS2 with sh*tty DVD that didn't work after a short time at all my friends and the awfull online gameplay), then I only bought the 360 with all the new great exclusives. Now I really see Wii coming in my living room also.!


5 Best Fighting Game Stage Themes

Fighting games and music have a long and storied history together. Here are five of the best fighting game stage themes throughout video game history.

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Tetsujin699d ago

Tekken Tag Tournament 1 Arcade OST - Nina Williams
Street Fighter 2 - Ken stage, Ryu Stage, Vega (Claw), and Guile
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Karin theme
Tekken 3 Arcade OST - Hidden Characters Theme
Super Street Fighter 2 - Fei Long CPS1 version (found on Hyper SF2 A.E.)
Tekken 2 Arcade OST - Kazuya and Devil theme
Marvel vs Capcom 1 - Strider Theme, Ryu, and Roll

Tedakin699d ago

There should have been at least one Mick Gordon Killer Instinct theme on here.

Rebel_Scum699d ago

Should be some tunes from the first Mortal Kombat in any list tbh.

I really like the use of Mozart’s Dies Irae in Wolfgang Krausers stage in Fatal Fury 2.

azizlksa698d ago

Volcanic rim for Street Fighter 4 is probably my favorite stage theme


5 Obscenely Overpowered Video Game Characters

Developers should always strive to make their products as balanced and fair as possible. Sometimes, video games feature a incredibly overpowered characters that just break the game.

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JSusie5825d ago

Orlandu/TG Cid in Final Fantasy Tactics
Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl.

The end.

884d ago
BrainSyphoned884d ago

Having to do a thing three times would make my list as #1

Jeriphro884d ago

What do you mean? Like doing the same task three times in a row?

BrainSyphoned884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Ya, find three items, kill three mini bosses, go to three dungeons. Things of three is a tired video game sweet spot number.

884d ago
0hMyGandhi884d ago

For me, it's collect-a-thons. They weren't fun in Donkey Kong or Banjo and Kazooie and they still aren't fun now. Why create these wonderfully oversized, detailed worlds if you are going to just supplement gameplay with ambiguous item fetch-quests.

There are exceptions, of course, But by and large, it just shows laziness on the part of the developer.
Good article, by the way!

Jeriphro884d ago

Yeah. It is funny some of the design decisions made by developers. Another one that irks me is unskippable cutscenes, especially after you die after the cutscene and are forced to rewatch the unskippable cutscene AGAIN. I mean, who thinks that a great idea?! haha

jambola884d ago

how about not allowing cutscene skipping
that's flat out inexcusable in any game in the last 10 years

SDuck884d ago

this comments are demanding a "The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse of Game Design Flaws" sequel