Mass Effect developer – "The PlayStation 3 is a really amazing platform to work on"


"The current issue of Play features an interview with BioWare CEO Dr Ray Muzyka, in which he talks about Mass Effect, Dragon Age and how much he loves the PS3. We couldn't fit it all into the mag, so here are some 'extras'…"

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Johnny Rotten4007d ago

"The PlayStation 3 is a really amazing platform to work on, so is 360. Wii is as well. All of them are really advanced relative to the systems of 10-20 years ago".

Just thought I would quote the whole sentence for you all.

TheHater4007d ago

Talking about spin it to get hits. Thank you for pointing your the entire quote.

decapitator4007d ago

lol, Selective quoting ftl. Thanks for the full quote holmes.

king dong4007d ago

with only about 5% of the commentators reading the full

Bnet3434007d ago

Bubbles for you Johnny for keeping the fire low if ya know what I mean.

OC_MurphysLaw4006d ago

Thanks for the full quote...I read it and was going to do the same thing. Shame on the author for the selective and misleading title. Journalism at its best...Not!

Ebi4006d ago

Thanks for making that clear. People should make the effort to read the full article and then comment, rather than get emotional based on the excerpts. It could potentially be very misleading.

II Necroplasm II4006d ago

I already knew this was a Jack007 article by the spinning title

JD_Shadow4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I don't think it was spinning at all, actually. All of you have this wrong, and some of you are trying to spin it moreso in order to make people suspect that they wouldn't consider making a PS3 game such as, you know, MASS EFFECT 2!!

Reason? Bioware had been thought of to not really want to do anything on the PS3. Thus, him saying that at ALL, in ANY context, is a big deal. Thus, the context doesn't matter in this case. Also, that's VERY significant, as I said, because of the game that they are making right now: Mass Effect 2.

I have a feeling where all this praise for the PS3 from Bioware lately is leading towards at GDC09.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, Jack007 had nothing to do with the title. It was the site that had that title (not that it was taking anything out of context anyway).

@Dlacy13g Below: Give WHAT a rest? I'm giving my opinions on the article, and about the quote. The hell is so wrong with that?

He clearly stated that he likes all consoles, and knowing Bioware's history (especially a ME dev), saying that about the PS3 IS a big deal. Then again, this is the same thing that I've been seeing out of a lot of people that seem to not want ME in any way on the PS3, trying to dilute anything that might make it possible. My question is why is it alright for systems to lose exclusivity to games unless it's a 360/PC game? Why is that logic of "it's still coming out for your system" changed when it's a 360 game in danger of losing that claim?

Oh, and how do you know that they DON'T like the PS3 the most? Are you in the offices with them or anything?

EDIT: Wow! Big people to slam disagrees on me because you don't like what I said and then run away! God, some of you people are unbelievable!

@-EvoAnubis-: Again, there was nothing being taken out of context for hits here. You're trying to dilute the impact of this. They also talked about KOTOR and if it would be possible to port it to the PS3, and he gave a rather interesting answer to THAT, too (PC is focus, but consoles are a possibility).

I know you guys are MUCH smarter than this!

Oh, and 5 disagrees already! Wooooow! I didn't think the 360 defenders were out in full force today.

OC_MurphysLaw4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Dude give it a rest. The title CLEARLY makes the article sound like a Mass Effect developer is in love with the PS3. The actual statement made by the developer was not console specific at all...he gave props to all 3 consoles saying how all 3 are very powerful.

Just stop...don't defend the article. You can't...its just an attempt to pull in the fanboys and generate buzz by making those reading it on N4g or seeing the title elsewhere think the dev likes the PS3 the most.

-EvoAnubis-4006d ago

I hate it when they do things like that for hits.

callahan094006d ago

Well, they are making Dragon Age Origins for the PS3. We've known they're working on PS3 with that title for a while now.

IdleLeeSiuLung4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

darkpower just yesterday tried to spin that the Fallout 3 increased sales to rank 1 on had little to do with the super deal of the day at $35. You can read his comments and article here:

What is the Fallout 3 sales on the PS3 today at It is at number 7 at a significantly reduced price of $47 and sells better than KZ2. Go figure...

It's pretty clear that darkpower is a delusional Sony fanboy as evident of his posting above at that other thread.

It is pretty darn clear that the title is misleading when you take a quote not only out of context, but mid sentence!

JD_Shadow4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Go check my profile, man. I know not a lot of you bother to do so (maybe because that's too much work for you to do), but just look. I'm FAR from a fanboy! Maybe you should look up what a fanboy IS before you run around labeling people without a damn clue what you're talking about.

Oh, and you STILL don't get the point of that Fallout 3 thing (DLC doesn't necessarily drive game sales for a particular system. Oh well, I can't help people who aren't willing to listen. It's still in the top ten, right? Where's the 360 version in comparison?

I rest my case.

JokesOnYou4006d ago

lolz, at the headline...its perfect for n4g.


OC_MurphysLaw4006d ago

Look...I get that its your opinion. What I don't get is how you come to the conclusions you do from the ONLY spot in this article that mentions the PS3 is in the following section:

" We’ve had to evolve along with the systems. PCs are a lot more interesting and technically more capable than they used to be, just as console systems are. The PlayStation 3 is a really amazing platform to work on, so is 360. Wii is as well. All of them are really advanced relative to the systems of 10-20 years ago. That’s why I think it’s exciting to be developing on any system right now in the videogame space. "

How do you go from the above to this means its Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 and / or that this Dev. loves working on the PS3 the most? I just don't comprehend how you take the above and jump to the conclusions that you did. Did you actually read the whole article? I am not trying to be mean just make a huge leap in your opinions.

GiantEnemyCrab4006d ago

Actually Dark Power you have it backwards. The title was spun to make it sound like there is some love affair between the PS3 and Bioware, moreso than the other systems; and then the article picture implying that it lends to the ME2 PS3 rumor.

When in reality it sounds like he has no favorites and the whole quote when put in context is actually talking about how great making games on this generation of hardware is.

Of course Bioware will have PS3 experience they are doing Dragon Age.

PS: I'm sure the PS3 is an amazing platform to work on regardless.

Why dis4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Yep I saw the article then when I seen the submitter I checked for the truth. You have to do that with most contributors on this site but some stick out more than others and need to be checked.

I'm glad somebody else mentioned it I have 2 bubbles because most the time I'm the one mentioning stuff like this.

morganfell4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

As long as you are quoting the entire sentence, be sure to reread the part where he says

"...TO WORK ON."

That doesn't require spin. It is simple plain fact. The only question for the deniers is, if Bioware are not building Mass Effect 2 for the PS3, then what title are they building that provides the experience whereby Ray can state, "...TO WORK ON."

The fact is Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3 and all of the denying, hoping, wishing, and stabbing an EA voodoo doll won't change that. EA said it was coming to multiple platforms. They didn't say dual platforms, they didn't say 360 and PC. They said multiple platforms. Every piece of logic says EA, in the midst of their financial woes, will not turn down a userbase that will be at 30 million when ME2 launches.

But, until it gets put in black and white, enjoy your fits of self deception because they amount to nothing more than that. It is coming to the PS3 and the sooner you accept it the better you will be later on.

IdleLeeSiuLung4006d ago


Look, I'm not here to argue with you about what console is better. That is up to each individual person. My point is that you draw conclusion from things out of context and seemingly (to me) throws out stuff that is significant.

It is obvious in this case that this is spun around. Even fanboys can't deny this. I mean come on, this is taken out of context and mid sentence. Read the article and suddenly it sounds completely different and nothing like what the title and summary suggest. It is a very neutral comment if anything. What more can I possibly say?

likedamaster4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )


Did you ever hear of "Dragon Age:Origins"? Yeah, that is set to release BEFORE Mass Effect 2, if I'm not mistaken. That would be the title... TO WORK ON, like you say.

DaTruth4006d ago

I'd like to state that I get what you're trying to say and in know way did it deserve that kind of response. At first I was thinking how stupid the title is in regards to what was actually said, but then it became obvious that they were trying to connect him working on the PS3 to Mass Effect 2.

You saw this and came to the same conclusion, as did Morganfell.

@Above except for already mentioned names: You're all a bunch of rabid fanboys! Why can't we have a normal conversation on N4G?

Tony P4006d ago

"lolz, at the headline...its perfect for n4g."

Topic aside, it sums up exactly what I think of this site at times.

Anyway, it's a nice interview. I don't think Bioware's making those "hardcore geek" titles as Doc Ray says, but they're still good games overall. Nothing imo has touched the depth and complexity of their older titles besides maybe KOTOR. But I suppose RPGs have evolved into different beasts altogether with the focus upon better graphics and spoken dialogue. Devs seem to want to deliver something closer to a movie these days. I think their games generally feel much shorter as a consequence.

Hopefully, I'll see what Dragon Age has to say about that.

kwyjibo4006d ago

"it became obvious that they were trying to connect him working on the PS3 to Mass Effect 2."

Yes, and that's what people are complaining about. Because no where is this actually mentioned in the article, Mass Effect 2 isn't mentioned at all, yet the post is still tagged as such.

But if the article had lead - "Dragon Age developer - ...." it would have got way less hits. That's the issue. There is nothing here to suggest that they're developing ME2 for the PS3, yet the article tenuously tries to make a connection, without any basis.

That being said, I hope that Mass Effect 2 will be multiplatform.

MNicholas4006d ago

The PS3 is a natural choice for MMO developers because the online service has a 50% greater adoption rate than the Xbox 360's costly alternative.

The interface questions he brings up are based on PC MMO users. Time and again we've seen that console gamers have completely different expectations. Sadly, in the world of business school style "methodology" based decision making, big decisions based on a lot of bad data and no common sense is preferred to a small amount of good data and a lot of common sense.

Naucious4006d ago

Is Bioware working on a IP for the PS3? For what that qoute says it sounds like they are. Or most likely a multi platform, if anybody can help me on this it would be much appreciated.

TreborRversed4006d ago

I get what darkpower is saying,

alot of you tend to forget ther amount of people claming that ME2 was not coming to PS3, this dev is saying it is, so there no need for anymore arguments on that subject.

Also I can see w3hy people would see this as flamebait, but the fact is we all now know that ME2 is going to be on the PS3.

Legion4006d ago

He's being interviewed by a PS3 related person. Why would he not add them in his statement? If he didn't then it would have been a Major slam on PS3.

This statement that Mass Effect is coming to PS3 is sooooooo speculative and made up that I cna't comprehend how anyone could read this article and truly think that is what he suggested!!!???

f7897904006d ago

This is why I hate quoting.

DaTruth4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I see what you're saying, but me and most people had no idea about any Dragon age multiplatform game, all of us know Mass Effect. I just thought it was a reasonable assumption especially since they are now owned by EA "the multiplatform" developer.

@Legion: Speculating that an EA game is going to be multiplatform is not flamebait, it is common sense!

caladbolg7774006d ago

Even only partially quoted, it's good to see that some developers aren't afraid to counter the "PS3 is a b!tch to developer for" argument. Albeit, the dev was talking about how much of a pleasure it is to be a developer during this generation, it's better than those devs who say "PS3 is too hard" and then give up.

I'm excited to see what Bioware has in store in the coming months. :)

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TheHater4007d ago

What game is BioWare working on the ps3? Is Dragon Age coming to the PS3 and xbox 360? Because that game look interesting.

PirateThom4007d ago

Yeah, Dragon Age is multiplatform. Which, to be fair, is probably the main reason he's saying this, nothing related to Mass Effect.

Polluted4007d ago

I'm kinda curious what they're doing on the wii. He mentioned that system as well.

KingME4006d ago

The guy mentioned the PS3 maybe twice in the whole article and the author came up with "Mass Effect developer – 'The PlayStation 3 is a really amazing platform to work on.'" The least thing they could have done was use an ellipsis(...) to show that there was more.

Did they think no one was going to read the article.

Bumpmapping4007d ago

We all knew ME was coming to the PS3 it was obvious :)

Mindboggle4006d ago

It probably will in time and if it does it will definetly be a 360 timed exclusive and im guessing the PC and PS3 will realese at a similar time.

Considering EA are publishing it, apart from Left 4 Dead (which was almost confirmed by OPM to be coming to PS3) I cant think of any 360 exclusives. All their games are multi-platform. So i dont think this will be different....However I could be wrong....

[email protected]4007d ago

Hmmmm, I can smell a riot starting...

5... 4... 3... 2......... 1 ^___________________^

Back to topic:
It's good that such great devs recognize it... now where is my Mass Effect ^^ I kid I kid


meepmoopmeep4006d ago

Mass Effect Trilogy for PLAYSTATION®3

oh noez!


KingME4006d ago

"It's good that such great devs recognize it..."

Had they said the PS3 sucked to develop for would you still have called them good developers?

[email protected]4006d ago

^ ignorance is blind that's what I can say about ur comment. When did you know that previous products of a company are well made you can still trust that incoming product may comes with the same quality as the previous ones. You on the other side are a fool that try to sound smart but don't even comes close to adjective. Have a nice day ^^

KingME4003d ago

I really don't know if your comment was aimed at me or what. Probably because it is gramitically FUBR. The phrase is actually "Ignorance if bliss" Not "blind".

"When did you know that previous products of a company are well made you can still trust that incoming product may comes with the same quality as the previous ones." Uh...What?

"You on the other side are a fool that try to sound smart but don't even comes close to adjective" That should be "you, on the other hand" not "other side". Also we normally do not say "come close to the adjective." We normally just say "come close" and leave it at that.

Now, the next time you try to insult someone in a language that you obviously don't speak, you would have at least learned this much.

And you have a nice day.

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user94220774007d ago

"The PlayStation 3 is a really amazing platform to work on"

I can read that over and over again.

PirateThom4007d ago

Yeah, it's funny how good developers never complain about the PS3 (apart from Valve who get a by as they are PC devs over all).

Bnet3434007d ago

guess you guys missed the first comment

callahan094006d ago

Valve SHOULDN'T get a free pass on saying the PS3 is tough to develop for because they've never developed for the PS3. They haven't made a single game for the PS3. The Orange Box for the PS3 was made by an EA studio, not Valve. Until they make an effort on the PS3, I don't give a damn what they have to say about it and how difficult they think it is to develop for (read: how difficult they like SAYING it is to develop for, because they have no first-hand experience to actually have a real opinion on the matter)

cayal4006d ago

"guess you guys missed the first comment "

The whole quote is irrelevant. Fact is Bioware like working on the PS3 as well as 360 and Wii. Quoting part of it changes nothing.

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