Neocrisis - Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

Neocrisis writes: "Star Ocean: The Last Hope is the much anticipated follow up to Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. It's also rumored to be the last game in the Star Ocean series. Despite being the follow up to Till the End of Time it is not a sequel. The Last Hope is a origin story of sorts explaining the events that began the epic story of the Star Ocean series."

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xbox360achievements4002d ago

Wow, a minute ago, the Xbox couldn't handle it and now the game gets 9.1 ... wtf!?

Same old Neocrisis, searching for hits.

N4Garbage4002d ago

I believe this is what this game deserves.

It really does best out any of the JRPG's I've played this gen.

Not only is the game addictive.

It has humor, characters all with a background that you grow connected too, and the sense of progression.

Like I've said this game is like a good anime and can honestly go down as one of the best RPG's this gen despite what reviewers say I believe it is.

Namikaze_Minato4002d ago

Three words describes this game:

Fun - Beautiful - Epic

Reibooi4002d ago


I would assume the reviewer did not let a small issue such as the game freezing get in the way of the review. At the end of the day Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a incredible game and fully deserves all the praise it gets.