Xbox One's Last Batch of Backward Compatible Games & Rare's Enhanced for Xbox One X Shown in Action

During the Inside Xbox live stream today, developers from the backwards compatibility team announced that the program would sadly be coming to a close.

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mkis007732d ago

Already? No more bc games to be added? This is huge news.

slate91732d ago

What a good run. Assuming every og xbox, 360, and One title will be available on Scarlett. Will make next gen transition easy. Hats off!!

Bigman4k732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

I'm not surprise at all I saw this coming

AK91732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

As long as they continue adding more BC once the Scarlett comes out.

badz149732d ago

so this partial BC program ended?


well they're actually developing new games now so isn't that better?