6 Games That Had Comically Long Cutscenes

Pretty much every video game out there uses cutscenes, but a few games really double down on using cutscenes to an almost ridiculous degree.

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UltraNova716d ago

MGS4 had the most enjoyable cutscenes I've seen in any video games afaic. I got to play a top notch stealth action adventure and see a top notch espionage film with some supernatural elements Hollywood would be jealous of as a bonus.

Nitrowolf2716d ago

I watch them all every playthrough, and I beat mgs4 like 30 times

Really wish it’d get a rerelease on ps4

UltraNova716d ago

Konami man...f***ing Konami.

Potnoodle999716d ago

This! Every time, love the game and everything about it. Without The cutscenes the game would lose half its quality. I wish there would be more games with about 20 hours worth of cutscenes, especially rpgs and I’m not even joking.

I also miss the old FF’s with there long (written) cutscenes. Guess what? That’s how you tell a story, with long quality cutscenes with as much depth and character development as a quality TV show has nowadays....

Ah I miss these things...

rainslacker716d ago

How good the scenes are is more important than then length. Article cites xenosaga, which I'd say had long scenes a plenty. Early in the game they were fairly boring for a game as it took you away from the game. Later, they were really good, and had many moments worth watching.

A game that just has really long uninteresting cutscenes is kind of annoying...especially if you can't skip the boring ones.

warriorcase716d ago

We've all heard the complaints about MGS4 having "too many cutscenes" from people but man, I fucking loved every second of it. To me MGS4 was an absolute benchmark of how the finale of a saga should be. Just when you think it's over then the credits for Big Boss show up along with the man himself. I lost my shit.
Had the pleasure of playing it all through with a friend for his first time a few years back which was amazing to watch someone also loose their shit at that moment. Feels..

Elda716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

I don't mind long cutscenes in video games as long as their telling a interesting story & it visuallly looks good.

Inzo716d ago

MGS4 had "comically" long cut scenes? What ever.

Varodor716d ago

Comical attempt to bite off a piece of popularity of MGS.
p.s. Yes, l know where is 6 games. You better look at thumbnail.
Have good day.

FITSniper716d ago

While MGS4s cutscenes were ridiculously long at times, they were enjoyable. I remember starting the last one at like 4pm that day and 2 hours later being like "I need to make dinner but this cutscene isn't done yet!".

chazjamie716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

50 percent of those cut scenes had power point presentations. They were painfully boring.

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The story is too old to be commented.