ZTGD Review: X-Blades

Zero Tolerance of ZTGD writes: On paper X-Blades has everything going for it. Simple hack and slash gameplay with tons of enemies to throw at the player, a scantily-clad female lead character that kicks as much ass as she shows off, and a plethora of magic spells that light up both screen and adversary. Combine this with some enjoyable combat and plenty of skills to unlock and it sounds like you have the definitive action game. Unfortunately there are a few things that keep X-Blades from being fantastical on every level, but that doesn't mean you should avoid it altogether.

+ Magic attacks are fun
+ Entertaining combat
+ Plenty to see and do

- Repetition is your enemy
- Backtracking becomes tedious
- Enemies and environments become redundant

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PS360WII3575d ago

Nice that there is a big magic selection but to bad there aren't enough buttons to use as macros :( yet I don't think these controllers need more buttons 0.o

To bad about the forced length and repetition but least they made up for it with a scantly clad heroine....

Mwaan3575d ago

Is there a dodge move?

ZeroTolerance3573d ago

There is technically a dodge move, but it is so finicky that most of the time it is worthless because of how fast paced the combat is.

Magna Farta3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

....and after about 2 1/2 hours of gameplay, it went right back to the rental store to replace it.

This game blows. Sure, the girl is pretty, but that's about it. The cell shading and the environments look horrible, pretty comparable to the PS2 rendering of Dragonball Z: Budokai games. Which was pretty 5 years ago but not now.

The monologue by the main character at the beginning of the game made her look like a stupid, greedy bimbo, with an equally stupid, valley-girl like voice to match, it scratched in my brain like a dull razor. And no, the story is nothing great either. The first boss fight had a conversation going on, but it made me hate the main character even more.

The fighting had absolutely NO fluidity to it what-so-ever, and was heavily cliched with slow-mo and other unecessary effects. The gunplay is at it's most basic form, and the enemy rendering is early Dreamcast quality at best. And as far as I know there was no dodge or block, I only played 2 1/2 hours in before I had enough of this.

My personal rating is a 2/10, and I feel I'm being generous. Avoid at all costs, unless you're looking to get your rocks off on a girl with jiggle physics who looks like she's 14...which if you are, you deserve to play this crappy game.

DarkBlade993575d ago

I actually bought and beat the game on almost every difficulty and as far as im concerned, the fun factor alone was worth $60. Ayumi's personality really get's to Dante-like levels near the end and the more skills you purchase, the funner this game get's. Things id also like to add to my pros:

-Enviorments are pretty large and not only leave room for exploration, but also pratical cover support.
-LOTS of different spells, with the option to have 4 at a time which really adds to varity.
-Cool shooting variations
-Surprising smooth, fast gameplay
-A very unique style of graphics
-Backtracing to PAST levels that you have already beaten to gain more souls or collect missed treasure.

And my cons:
-Story is decen't, but dosen't provide enough backstory or character development
-Occasional lag/slow-down
-Short game length
-Poorly done VO's
-Crappy dodging system
-Enemies can somtimes be a huge pain
-Trophies are WAY too easy

If I had to rate it based on it's quality,it would get atleast a 6-7. In terms of overall enjoyment however, im tempted to give it an 8-8.5. To those looking at it, but don't really like the hack n' slash gameplay, rent it. If you can apprieciate this kind of game, go out and buy it!

Magna Farta3575d ago

...that you gave a good, logical reason for your disagree...bubbles for you.

And yeah, didn't mean to make it so empassioned, I just REALLY didn't like it.

xino3575d ago

This game sucks! Only ment for people who'd waste time and hours button bashing or for kids.

Game is terrible, control sucks, graphics is not all that but has good lighting, trash story. List goes on! Avoid this game.