Worst Titles to Cover Up Bad Gameplay with Sex Appeal

Jon Lynch: "Videogames have long been a male-dominated hobby despite the fact that study after study shows a growing number of gamers are actually female. So why then is it that we see one horrible game after another being tailored to male gamers? We’re not talking about the action-packed warfare of Call of Duty and Gears of War. We’re not even looking in the direction of the intense and bloody goodness of God of War. Instead we’re looking at the shovelware that’s been heaved onto our game machines because developers have cloaked horrible gameplay behind glossy girls."

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qface643702d ago

my friend convinced me to waste my money on the doa volleyball game
that shit is soo boring not even the boobs/sex appeal change that

charlescox43702d ago

But you can put them in swinsuits. (kidding)

qface643702d ago

no you actually have to play the game and earn a$$ loads in order to do that lol

Theonik3702d ago

You reminded me of this video

crzyjackbauer3702d ago

yes but DOAX2 was craptacular for a game

vgn243702d ago

Needless to say DoA Paradise is on there, duh. That game was nothing but softcore rubbish.

Reibooi3702d ago

Actually the volleyball in the DOA games was quite well done. Probably the best I have played in a game. The problem was they took the focus away from that and made it a collect as many swim suits as you can perv fest which is what everyone notices about the game.

The volleyball itself however was simple and easy to pick up and worked very well and was fun to play.

vgchica3702d ago

That's business. ItOs nothing new.

BeaRye3702d ago

My only concern now is who the woman is dressed as the SiN character.

vgn243702d ago

Gears of War 2 used sex and half-naked women to cover up bad gameplay? Wha wha what?

Baka-akaB3702d ago

maybe them naked monsters turned him on ... who knows ?

Or maybe it was the bunch of marines ...

Christopher3702d ago

I agree, I was horribly scarred by the few scenes where Marcus gets naked, let alone the one of him in a 2-piece bikini. /s

TheDeadMetalhead3702d ago

And now that image is burned into my mind forever.

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The story is too old to be commented.