Worst Titles to Cover Up Bad Gameplay with Sex Appeal

Jon Lynch: "Videogames have long been a male-dominated hobby despite the fact that study after study shows a growing number of gamers are actually female. So why then is it that we see one horrible game after another being tailored to male gamers? We’re not talking about the action-packed warfare of Call of Duty and Gears of War. We’re not even looking in the direction of the intense and bloody goodness of God of War. Instead we’re looking at the shovelware that’s been heaved onto our game machines because developers have cloaked horrible gameplay behind glossy girls."

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qface645043d ago

my friend convinced me to waste my money on the doa volleyball game
that shit is soo boring not even the boobs/sex appeal change that

charlescox45043d ago

But you can put them in swinsuits. (kidding)

qface645043d ago

no you actually have to play the game and earn a$$ loads in order to do that lol

Theonik5043d ago

You reminded me of this video

crzyjackbauer5043d ago

yes but DOAX2 was craptacular for a game

vgn245043d ago

Needless to say DoA Paradise is on there, duh. That game was nothing but softcore rubbish.

Reibooi5043d ago

Actually the volleyball in the DOA games was quite well done. Probably the best I have played in a game. The problem was they took the focus away from that and made it a collect as many swim suits as you can perv fest which is what everyone notices about the game.

The volleyball itself however was simple and easy to pick up and worked very well and was fun to play.

vgchica5043d ago

That's business. ItOs nothing new.

BeaRye5043d ago

My only concern now is who the woman is dressed as the SiN character.

vgn245043d ago

Gears of War 2 used sex and half-naked women to cover up bad gameplay? Wha wha what?

Baka-akaB5043d ago

maybe them naked monsters turned him on ... who knows ?

Or maybe it was the bunch of marines ...

Christopher5043d ago

I agree, I was horribly scarred by the few scenes where Marcus gets naked, let alone the one of him in a 2-piece bikini. /s

TheDeadMetalhead5043d ago

And now that image is burned into my mind forever.

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Looking back to 2006 and the Furtive Fumblings of Rumble Roses XX

Paul writes: "What this somewhat rambling introduction is leading up to is another entry in this very niche category - Rumble Roses XX which was first released way back in 2006. On the surface this release from Konami appeared to be just another one of ‘those’ games, but hiding beneath the scantily clad ladies was a surprisingly competent wrestling game."

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masterfox1152d ago

Cant remember all the details lol, but overall the controls of your character and gameplay were spot on, and yes the characters look pretty nice ;) , not sure if a game like this can be release today with current gen visuals cause all the delicaly in feelings some demographic has.

gamer78041151d ago

yup, sjw's don't want people to have silly fun.

ED-E1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

RR XX wrestlers wore skimpy outfits and had suggestive/silly moves at times, it's tame compared to what you find nowadays on Steam. The real problem was the horrible sales worldwide. Less than 100.000, and I was one of them. I really enjoyed it back then, but professional and casual reviewers were both very mixed about it. So this is more of a reason why we didn't see a follow-up to it.

You still find sexy/silly games like that on consoles too, just google for adult games for PS4. But no matter which game you enjoy, there will be a group of people who don't like and are vocal about it. There is no need to get secretly scared or sarcastic about it and there is no need to like something because you know someone gets pissed off.

An interesting sidenote, Kotobuki Shiro, the character artist of both Rumble Roses games (there was PS2 one), was paralyzed from the neck down and painted all the girls with a pen in his mouth. He died a couple of years ago, but you can find a video of him on YouTube.

Stevonidas1150d ago

I still have the PS2 original. Good times.