Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 Vs Xtreme 3 Head to Head (2006 vs 2016)

A comparison video looking a the differences between the 2006 Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 and the most recent Xtreme 3 on the PS4/PS Vita.

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vanity293005d ago

And people said it looked the same. Soft engine ftw

zackdollars3005d ago

It's the same game with some texture and lighting improvements. The same polygon and skeletal models. The same stages and re-used assets. Typical Japanese game development. Tecmo should be embarrassed.

lfc_4eva3005d ago

Some dodgy looking tan lines on number 2 ;-)

Bytor3005d ago

The boobs don't bounce around anymore.


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“Dead or Alive Xtreme 3” just got even sexier thanks to these fanmade nude mods

""Dead or Alive Xtreme 3" is still very much alive even though the game has been out on the market since 2016, and it's mainly thanks to mods. Well, I just found out about some really impressive DOAX3 nude mods that have made the game even sexier." - Robin Ek, TGG.

Simon_the_sorcerer1828d ago

I guess that DOAX3 just got even better then? :P

TGG_overlord1828d ago

Yes, and especially so since the mods work for all formats pretty much (PS4, PSV, PC and Nintendo Switch,

Asuka1828d ago

Wait... This works on other platforms besides PC?! Welp I guess I need to pick it up again for Switch... For research of course.

RedDevils1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

So we can research on the go too? I be damn

TGG_overlord1828d ago

I forgot to mention that you can also use the PSVR headset with the mods :3

FunAndGun1828d ago

You really need to get laid...and not digitally.

sushimama1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

@ FunAndGun, we know you're a self-loathing member of the LGBTQ community. You of all people should not pass judgement on others, especially with your chosen lifestyle.

TGG_overlord1828d ago

@Asuka "Wait... This works on other platforms besides PC?! Welp I guess I need to pick it up again for Switch... For research of course."

- Yes, that is correct. You could get the mods to work for PS4, PSVITA and Nintendo Switch as well. Hehe, go for it ;)

BadElf1828d ago

Where are you going to buy the Switch copy from? Can I play the game in USA?

Majin-vegeta1828d ago

Doesnt Play asia carry it?

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Duke191828d ago

Totally unbiased, butather than digital tits I think it would be even better if they modded it to have Duke Nukem's face over them like in the picture

TGG_overlord1828d ago

lol xD I bet that one could do that if you really wanted too, because someone even managed to mod in a banana :P (nsfw stuff)