The Friday Ten: 10 must misunderstood "pervy" anime games

Digitally Downloaded writes: There was one of the semi-frequent Internet blow-ups late last week/ early this week, when a games journalist decided to write a review in which he states that fans of a certain game are perverts and perverse. Naturally that didn't go down so well with aforementioned fans of that game, or games like it, because contrary to popular belief within some circles, liking a game that has bikini girls or even (GASP!) nudity doesn't turn someone into a 'pervert' any more than Call of Duty, or any of the three billion games out there that depict gun death, turn people into mass murderers.

Despite the startling hypocrisy, it does remain a fact that games, particularly those that hail from Japan, are considered to be self-evidently perverse by many journalists, as long as they contain 1) women (or girls) and 2) clothing that doesn't rival the hijab or nun's habit for sheer conservatism. Rarely is context considered, so anything subversive, satirical, or empowering (because in Japanese stories, sexuality is often considered empowering) is still dismissed as exploitative and demeaning.

So, anyway, this week I'm listing ten games that got slammed unfairly for their depiction of sexuality, and I love them all. If you think that makes me a pervert, then take your gun games and GTAs and stay the hell away from me, you mass murdering lunatic.

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Simon_the_sorcerer2149d ago

I just want to enjoy my lewd games :3 (no pun intended).

Chaos_Order2149d ago

Dungeon Travelers 2 is hella pervy, but it's also one of my favourite RPGs ever thanks to its intricate labyrinthine dungeons, excellent battle and levelling systems and thrilling white-knuckle boss battles. The sexy characters and enemies are a bonus. XD

JCW20052149d ago

hooo boy.... here we go... these pervs tryna justify their trash games... ugh

Sonyslave32149d ago

Nothing wrong with pervy game as long as the girls are 18+ and dont look and act as a 3 year old.

JCW20052149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

most japanese stuff have very underage looking chars even doe they ''18''. some where on that list like hyperdimension, at first glance u think is a kid friendly family game but then u play it and perv scenes show up with very childlike characters in suggestive scenes like wtf. dat supposed to be ok? cmon

TheOttomatic912149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

They were never misunderstood it's just that the PC culture happened and deemed them to be the devils spawn but thankfully level headed gamers enjoy and play them for what they are just games.

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