Gaijin reinvents the terribly received X-Blades via Konami

Some gamers might remember a game from SouthPeak Games called X-blades, featuring the feisty and partially clothed treasure hunter Ayumi. It was an interesting hack and slash game that was either loved or loathed - mostly loathed.

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RaidensRising2412d ago

This is incredible how such a crap game can get a sequel when more deserving ideas get throw to the side. Gaijin must have hypnotized Konami.

TheColbertinator2412d ago

So Konami is trying this franchise again instead of putting Suikoden on consoles where it belongs?

For shame

bunt-custardly2412d ago

I'm not too sure I've heard of it, though the mere mention of X-Blades... let's just say I remember the boxart at least.

ShaunCameron2412d ago

I just bought this game this past weekend and I have to say that while it turned out better than X-Blades, it had flaws. The cameras especially when trying to get of your shooting stance into regular stance. The fact that you click into the RS to get in/out of your shooting stance which sometimes **** with your ability to evade oncoming attacks. And the weapons arer no more and no less effective than each other making it rather pointless to upgrade, and even more so when you get the dragon suit halfway through the final stage of the game.

Skate-AK2412d ago

Wow I thought that the games looked alike but I didn't know that it was a sequel.

ShaunCameron2412d ago

I never thought the games looked alike. The only things they really ever had in common is the main character's name and the hack-&-slash/shooting mechanic borrowed from Devil May Cry. X-Blades is more a cartoonish Onechanbara and Blades Of Time is more a sluttier Tomb Raider.

Skate-AK2411d ago

Didnt mean in visuals just the style of the game.

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