The Origin and Continuation of Sexism in Gaming

Bitmob: It seems that 2011's hot button issue is the depiction of women in gaming. Whether it be that they seem dependant on a strong man, lack depth, or look like Victoria Secret models with bowling balls shoved down their shirts . . . it seems that people tearing apart how females are portrayed. And to an extent, I'm with them; women are portrayed unequally in gaming.

But instead of citing all the instances at which this has occurred and bemoaning the fact that sexism happens . . . I'd like to look at WHY it happens. Similar to cigarettes and Jersey Shore, I believe that dubious products/practices become popular for a valid reason. I think following sexism for the beginning could do that.

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tamsinberking2864d ago

"Pretty much every fairytale we have ever encountered as children involves a man rescuing a woman; Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, even Cinderella went through a lot of trouble to snag a man she barely knew."

You can hardly fault centuries old fairy tales for not having modern values.

It's sad people criticize the old fairy tale princesses, while praising the newer Disney ones like Mulan and Pocahontas. Though I've found that it's mainly women who criticize female characters for being too weak and helpless and feminine, while forgetting that the whole point of feminism is to let women CHOOSE what they want to do with their own lives (careers, bodies, etc.). If they choose to be independent and take-no-shit, then that's great. But if they choose to be girly and feminine and not overly brave, then that's great too. So what makes Mulan or Pocahontas any better than Cinderella or Snow White? Just because Cinderella and Snow needed to be rescued from their situation by men, doesn't make either of them any less of a woman. The same goes for the game characters mentioned in the article. Just because Princess Peach needs saving, while Samus doesn't, doesn't mean Peach is any less of a woman than Samus.

Yes it would be awesome to see more females as the protagonists in GOOD shooters or actions games, but I hate that female characters who aren't 'tough' or 'badass' get criticized in the meantime. Doesn't that defeat the point of the sexist/feminist arguement? Criticizing one group of women in order to praise another?