Daily Momentous Event: We Saw A Killzone 2 TV Commercial Earlier this month, Sony swore that Killzone 2 would have a massive advertising budget and we'd be seeing the game every time we blinked. As far as I can tell, this so-called marketing blitz hasn't really happened - at least so far as TV ads are concerned - and I was happy to see this one today. If you haven't laid eyes on it yet, it's kinda similar to Korn's "Freak on a Leash" music video; if you've seen it, you know exactly what to expect. A single bullet in slow-mo flies across an uproarious battlefield, eventually zoning in on one target. In all honesty, I think it would've rocked to have actually had "Freak on a Leash" as the background music; how bad-ass would that be? As it stands, the commercial is pretty good, although Sony continues to focus more on the artistic than the in-your-face with their worldwide ads. I keep thinking people will remember the ad, but they may not remember the name of the game...which of course is the cardinal sin of advertising. We'll see.

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Sevir043526d ago

I was sifting through TBS and Cartoon network and i saw the Bullet commercial. This isn't a market blitz but the airing is really starting to pick up. i saw it 3 times over the weekend and then since monday hit it's been on a few major channels here in the states, even MTV has shown the bullet commercial. I'm glad that they are putting it in heavy rotation. I'm sure though that we'll have an overload of comercials on the day it launches or just before. awesome stuff.

TheHater3526d ago

I am they only one that hasn't seen these commercial as yet? I been watching a lot of ESPN and NBA action last weekend and this week so far. I have yet to see a commercial.

Pennywise3526d ago

My DVR saves me from any commercials. I will never see a KZ commercial. Then again, I am a gaming fanatic. I know what is coming. Advertisements are not my gaming news, obviously.

MrJack3526d ago

During the BIG champions league tie, thats really massive.

Its Inter vs Man U, so there will be a lot of people watching.

SAiOSiN3526d ago

I was hoping there would be killzone commercials during wwe monday night raw. u know many people watch that...well a sh1t load. and guess what happened. i counted like 5 killzone 2 commercial during a span of 2 hours. i think that's pretty impressive.

itchy183526d ago

ei I saw the ad yesterday when i was watching wwe raw. hehe. i jumped off my seat and sat down in front of my tv when i saw it. it was amazing. lol! i was impressed!

redsquad3526d ago

I received my weekly comic order in the post today, and in just about every issue there was a full page ad for HALO WARS...

Sony's so good at making consoles, I guess the law of nature decrees that they be crap at something else to balance the universe out - Sadly, it appears that it's 'marketing' that's their weakness.