The first 10 minutes: GRAW 2

Xboxyde just recieved their retail copy of GRAW 2 on 360, and here are their "ten first minutes" of the game. Xboxyde propose you two videos. The first one showcases the real ten first minutes of the game, showing a tutorial in the desert. The work on the lighting is simply amazing. Then, you'll have a second video showing the ten first minutes of the first mission.

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Whoooop4245d ago

I got to say those clips were very nice. Specially the dust and the dirt with the wind, it looked cool..

Those are from the 360 right?

Hope it looks that good on PS3..

Scrooge4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Why are you campaigning against this game? You're entitled to your opinion, but to bash it on EVERY GRAW 2 thread? We've heard your negative opinion over and over, now say something good about this game already cause you know it has good things about it.

TheXgamerLive4245d ago

GRAW 2 is going to be one of the best if not the best Multiplayer on Live. I can't wait I'm drooling.

Close_Second4245d ago

We still have genetically engineered trees! I was hoping for much more out this gen of hardware. Like trees and objects that were not repeated over and over to fill a scene.

Also, what is the frame rate for this game? It seems far from silky smooth. I hate it when a game slows down as it removes you from the world the game is trying to create.

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