Eurogamer Previews Dragon Age: Origins

Eurogamer: "Since Baldur's Gate, BioWare has been on a worldwide genre tour. It took on the mighty, crap-spattered Star Wars franchise with almost unqualified success. It weaved a fantastical Far East adventure, blending martial arts with fairy-tale machinery. It created a completely new space-fi world with Mass Effect, and... well, it did Sonic Chronicles, too.

It's about time BioWare went back to its fantasy roots, and got the elves out for the lads. Its new world, Ferelden, is suffering from a Blight; a horde of Darkspawn that was last conquered 400 years ago, after which the Grey Wardens who defeated it became slowly seen as redundant. Now this Blight is returning, it finds a world that's ill-equipped to defeat it. Your character - one of six races, each of which have a completely different opening experience - is one of these Wardens, and it's your task to mobilise the kingdom to face the ancient threat."

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lord_of_balrogs3591d ago

I'm looking forward to this game and I know without even playing the game from Bioware's past track record that the story will be amazing. Everything Bioware touches turns to gold and they really appreciate their fans unlike some companies cough*squareenix*cough.

JonahFalcon3591d ago

It's going to rock PC gaming in the fall. No, really. It's awesome.