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MotorStorm on March 6th

MotorStorm, the highly anticipated off-road racing title available on March 6th exclusively for the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3), is revved up to bring you hours of action-packed muddy mayhem.

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Torch4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Although I'm absolutely pumped about the beauty and uniqueness of the game itself, if the demo is any indicator...well, uh...I really, really, suck despite my consistent efforts.

For that reason, I may have to limit this to a rental. <SNIFF, SNIFF!>

r10004248d ago

Yea I here ya.... I primarily suck at racing games... but I'm not to bad in Motorstorm's demo....

I know that going online you find some people that must not have jobs or go to school or something... cuz they are super good at games...

Torch4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

that I'm actually not too bad at racing games, as I'm a big fan of them.

I guess that's what happens when you drive a little car that goes beep-beep, and don't get behind the wheel of a monster truck or an SUV very often.

HungPHAT4248d ago

Am picking it up for sure on Wensday and playing it online all day, cya online (if interested in playing and me to your friends list)

r10004247d ago

Yo I'll add ya... My PSN is R1000

I got it fully pre-paid at gamestop

wildcat4247d ago

But I hope they put out more tracks and features soon and add split-screen. I always thought it was standard to put split-screen in racing games. Still, I'm going to have a blast with this game.

JIN KAZAMA4247d ago

beating the demo. I can crash like 15 times, i'll still finish first. I cant wait for this masterpiece of a game. Anyways, my ID is KAL-EL1217
look for me, i'll be kicking up dirt in all your faces.

lil bush4246d ago

to buy this game cause it simply great and good reviews so no why not buy it