When Are We Getting A Next-Gen Motorstorm?

From The Gamer: "Motorstorm smashed its way onto the PS3 as a launch title way back in 2006. I'll admit, I never played the original. I was a bit late to the party with getting a PS3, but I played the sequels, Pacific Rift, Apocalypse and RC. They were loud, kinetic, and everything I love in arcade racing games.

More than anything, Motorstorm was absolutely gorgeous. Pacific Rift really took advantage of the PS3 hardware to bring its stunning volcanic island setting to life. The game featured four different environmental zones and wickedly chaotic car destruction. They were great games, so why don't we have a new one already?"

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Zjet600d ago

Because the stuido closed down.

Go buy Dirt 5, its made by many of the old devs from evolution.

Yi-Long600d ago

I wish Dirt 5 was anything close to Motorstorm and the amazing Driveclub, but sadly I really didn't like it. It basically took the worst parts of the Dirt series (the Xtreme stuff), dropped the great stuff (the actual arcade Rally racing), and depth-wise it's almost like a mobile game. Drive on some easy tracks, get some points, unlock the next uninspired wide track, etc.

It doesn't even have replays, which is just beyond ridiculous, TBH.

darthv72600d ago

While Evolution is no more (some are part of Codemasters now). Sony still holds the keys to the cars and it would be good of them to make a remastered Motorstorm compilation of all the main games (including Arctic Edge). Not sure who they would get to do the work but it would be a smash hit.

ApocalypseShadow600d ago

We're not. And the developer was MDK'd. Useless hoping.

But on the other hand, Tony Hawk and Crash Bandicoot happened. Even Shenmue. So, you never know. I'm not going to wait though.

NotanotherReboot600d ago

Unless Sony can figure out how to turn it into a story driven, gritty single player only experience, then it's a lost cause