Motorstorm’s PS3 multiplayer has been resurrected by a fan group

A group of PlayStation fans has managed to bring back the online multiplayer mode in PS3 launch title Motorstorm.

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SullysCigar371d ago

Polite message to Sony: please, PLEASE bring this back for PS5. And include a VR mode, because why not?! Thanks.

Rangerman1208371d ago

Motorstorm VR would be sick lol

bouzebbal371d ago

Sony are stupid for selling a talented studio.. they don’t have much respect for their franchises people are in love with..

Motorstorm, Wipeout… we need these two back!

Christopher371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

If people were so in love with them, they should have bought more of the games. They had declining review scores, declining sales, and went to make drive club because Motorstorm didn't sell enough, resulting in a heavily criticized game that is still considered one of the worst releases of its time after already having multiple delays.

VenomUK371d ago

@Christopher It's true Motorstorm Apocalypse didn't get as good review scores but it was a solid game. However what impacted sales was that its Western release was delayed and PR and promotion scaled back and its release was cancelled in Japan. This was due to the title and content (collapsing stuff) being regarded as insensitive following the death of nearly 20k people because of the huge earthquake and tsunami there in 2011.

I don't think Sony's going to rush to have a second in-house team make a car game but it would be nice if Gran Turismo 7 could have options for Motorstorm inspired racing.

darthv72371d ago

That would be awesome. Hell Id love a compilation of the 4 main games and the RC one all running 60fps.

jukins371d ago

They were talented but they also were very very inefficient. I cant name one of their games that launched without massive issues or had to be delayed and still had issues. Motorstorm launched with several issues to the point where sometimes you couldn't even launch the game alongside network connectivity issues. Each subsequent motoratorm suffered issues. And driveclub had to be delayed a year and still had issues. Dont get me wrong i absoluetly loved driveclub and rhe first motorstorm. But again the studio constantly missed the mark resulting in bad sales.

dbcoops370d ago

I feel like it would make people sick, like motion sick.

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VenomUK371d ago

Motorstorm was a fantastic game and controls that just feel so good. I played it a little bit last Christmas before I sold my last PS3 and it really held up well!

darthv72371d ago

I still play it. Pacific Rift is my favorite of the lot.

badz149370d ago

Pacific rift is still the best arcade off-road racing game ever made!

Godmars290371d ago

Multiplayer off-road racing VR as option for a full game.

Think someone's overestimating...

SullysCigar371d ago

You should read up on what's known about PSVR2 so far. The boundaries have been pushed WAY back since 1st gen VR, due to both hardware and rendering advancements.

Also, Sony has a big push on AAA 'hybrid' games, playable on flat screen or VR, 1st and 3rd party.

I don't think I'm overestimating, I'm just excited to see what the future brings given all that's been learned within VR space.

XbladeTeddy371d ago

Yeah, would love a remake, fantastic game all round. Loved the diversity of having bikes, trucks, buggies and cars all in one race. Good memories!

CobraKai370d ago

Imagine the Dual Sense support as you drive over muddy tracks deformed in real time.

Kurt Russell370d ago

I am not too bothered for VR myself, but I 2nd the notion to bring it back. Loved the game, was my first one I got with the PS3 and have many fond memories.

strifeblade370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

This article sounds like sony fans want their own forza horizon.

Kurt Russell370d ago

Even if that was the case, why is that an issue?
Motorstorm was a great game with loads of potential to evolve on todays hardware.

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Rangerman1208371d ago

It's not just Motorstorm. From what I have read, games like Killzone 2, Resistance and even PS Home are also supported, and more will come along the way (hopefully Uncharted 2 as well). I really hope this gets shared around. Would love to play Killzone 2 with other players again.

Majin-vegeta371d ago

The current list is.
Twisted Metal Black
Wipeout HD
PS Home
Ratxhet and clank Desdlocked
Socom Confrontation
Resistance:Fall of man
Motor storm
Calling all cars

SullysCigar371d ago

Man, Uncharted 2 MP took some hours from me. Awesome game.

itBourne371d ago

Have a huge group of friends i still game with today because of Uncharted 2 MP, game was amazing at the time and unique.

MIDGETonSTILTS17371d ago

Pacific Rift is an unacknowledged classic.

They balanced monster trucks vs dirt bikes. It was awesome.

MoonConquistador371d ago


Pacific Rift was the peak of the series, hope that gets added to the list.

darthv72371d ago

thats the best of the bunch, IMO.

QSPR370d ago

Why not let Bluepoint make the remake?

MIDGETonSTILTS17370d ago

I honestly think that would be huge.

The game would be a great showcase for ps5 graphics, too. I think they could do split screen and still hit a high watermark.


371d ago
Muigi371d ago

I’ll never forget my first time playing Motorstorm. I was like wow! This is next gen!

Obelisk92371d ago

Yes, it was my very first game for the PS3 and I agree it felt like something PS2 definitely couldn't run.

I remember feeling astonished by the reflections on the mud and the quality of the vehicles. It was a lot of fun.

Name Last Name371d ago

Same! I couldn’t believe the mud tracks!

badz149370d ago

I got Motorstorm and Resistance FoM included (along with an extra SIXAXIS) with my PS3 purchase back when it launched in AUS in 2007. fall in love instantly with both games. and yes I can relate to that too. first time launching Motorstorm, instantly thinking "this is next-gen stuff".

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