[IGN] GRAW 2 Multiplayer Demo Hands-on

In the big build-up to the release of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on Xbox 360 next week (yes, next week!), Ubisoft has dropped one of the most impressive playable demos on the Marketplace.

Unlike the unimpressive single-player demo that ended in the middle of the fight, Ubisoft's multiplayer (MP) demo looks like it was ripped straight from the final box copy. It offers 16-player support for the Campaign, Solo Elimination, and Team Elimination modes and, just like that, there is another excellent demo on the Marketplace for free.

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Scrooge4252d ago

Im so glad this is coming out next week. I think it's great how the single-player and multi-player are almost completely different games, it's like buying two games in one. I think it's great that they didn't include cover in multi-player, and no visible gun in 1st person view. Keep it like it is, it's doing great!

THAMMER14252d ago

Any other way would be it would not be GRAW. I'm paying of my res. today.

AlexNC4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

No cover is a bad move. The majority of the community want this, and it doesn't add any advantage/disadvantage, so why not add it? It works great in GoW and RB6V. Cover has essentially become a must have feature in todays shooter games.

I love the medic class though. I wish RB6V had it. To heal a downed (not dead) player, walk up to him - you will see a medic icon pop up - once you see it, click the 'Y' button.

sweeper4252d ago

I eat my words when I said that GRAW2 was just the same old multiplayer game and should have been DLC for GRAW. GRAW2 multiplayer is by far the best looking and the best playable multiplayer game on XBOX360 HANDS DOWN,and it's not an opinion it's a fact.

bumnut4252d ago

its just like graw with better graphics. gameplay is exactly the same.

and the online setup is poor, it takes ages to get into a game.

and no cover?

not good enough for me to part with my cash

JPomper4251d ago

Agreed. Also, did anybody else notice the movement sucked hardcore in the multiplayer demo? You'd stop moving two or three steps after letting go of the joystick. Realistic or not, it was extremely irritating and counter-intuitive.

bombzombie4251d ago

If GRAW2 is X360s best and GOW is PS3's best, I am very disappointed. I will play them, but I eagerly await X1080 and PS4 with Deep Color graphics in 120Hz 1080P for my 60" inch LCD and True Dolby Loss-less 7.1 channel surround sound with discrete multi-tracks....and I hope the Blu-Ray games hold 150 Gb of data, because anything less will be a real disappointment. As I have a fiber backbone into my home, I would also like faster interactivity and full speed DVD- video camera support intra-game. Hopefully, MS and Sony will do better in the future.