Resident Evil 8 Quest 3 Gameplay - Ethan

CG writes: In this video we use Praydog’s free-of-charge REFramework VR mod for PCVR using the Quest 3 and Virtual Desktop Combo. It’s an iconic scene from Resident Evil 8 (Resident Evil Village). As already extensively documented, the VR mod is pretty fantastic and adds motion control support. Running on Quest 3 almost feels like a native VR game aside from no interactions with inanimate objects which the game doesn’t really need to feel like VR. With such great visuals and character models, Resident Evil 8 Quest 3 is up there with the best VR experiences to-date. In this video, we role-play a little with the Ethan character who messes-up pretty badly in this scene. Would be interesting if developers actually included an audio option to mute just the player character so people could make their own dialogue for these types of videos. Either way, listening back and we think there’s some resemblance to the Darkness character from The Darkness video game.

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abstractel217d ago

I really can't wait until we have headsets with wider field of view. I enjoy VR, I've owned a Rift, Quest 2, Valve Index and now a PSVR2. Village is great on the PSVR2 but I always have this sense that there are blinders on my eyes like the police use on horses. Pimax is unfortunately the only company offering a very wide field of view and I say unfortunately because they are a pain to set up and deal with overall.

It's been so many years since VR first was released and progress has been really slow. I realize the sales aren't making companies investing a lot of money into the space but I think it would take off if they fixed the FOV, smaller form factor, and clever solutions to motion sickness. I've worked up my tolerance to VR motion sickness but that's something that needs to be fixed if the general public will pick it up. I'm glad the PSVR2 has foveated rendering (one of the very few headsets to have this feature), games look great on it.

I hope the Apple Vision Pro will be a large step forward in these areas so that in 1-2 years time we'll get a cheaper version with similar specs.

bunt-custardly217d ago

Problem with wider FOV is you need more screen real-estate to be rendered making for more GPU power requirments. I assume the way the headsets are designed have this in mind aside from as you say Pimax. Having tried Pimax 8K the canted displays cause eye strain issues for some people. So there are trade-offs with these things.


iPhone release helps Resident Evil Village hit ten million sales

Resident Evil Villages sales numbers helped the videogame series hit a staggering 157 million sales 28 years after Resident Evil came out.

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CrashMania13d ago

Lol I doubt iPhone contributed much to that figure, the vast majority would have been PS5 and PC.

mastershredder12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yeah, of course the mobile sites are going to make news out of the couple digit in-the-thousands or so downloads as a major contribution. The original story was that Village hit the 10 million mark across all the platforms, nice for mobile fans to take it up a serious notch like it was due on behalf of mobile.


What Made Resident Evil Village an Excellent Survival Horror Game?

GB: "Resident Evil Village is three years old now, and looking back, it’s still a game that fills me with immense joy."

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But Is More Time in Games Really More Fun?

Everyone always says that longer is better when it comes to games, but is that really true? Does the addition of time always add more value?

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shinoff2183118d ago

I'll be honest the shorter games typically don't get day one purchases from me. Some I will but it's gotta be next level. So you want my 60 70 dollars don't throw to many 6 to 8 hour games at me.

LordoftheCritics117d ago

''But Is More Time in Games Really More Fun?

Yes it is....for the investors.

anast117d ago


Definitely true for live service games.

anast117d ago

Game writers want shorter games to make their jobs easier.

The rest of us have different tastes in games. My 5 favorite games of all time are Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, RDR2, CP2077, Last of Us II, and BG3. These are all mostly long games and the fun to be had is through the roof.

BrainSyphoned117d ago

Back in Cyberpunk again after a run through Elden Ring and Skyrim before that.
With Stardew Valley 1.6 coming out soon I'll be hitting 1k hours in it as well. I like some short pallet cleansers like Returnal or Pacific Drive but they are just quick hits between replays of immersive titles or for long work weeks.

Demetrius117d ago

Just got stardew on switch and eastward octopia dlc both are mf vibes

lellkay117d ago

Quality wins. If it's short and quality good. if it's long and quality good.

ChasterMies117d ago

“Everyone always says that longer is better when it comes to games”

100% not true. The majority of people don’t finish games, and “short” games continue to sell. I think the gaming audience has long moved past the dollar per hour fallacy.

shinoff2183117d ago

I really don't think alot of us have. I'm willing to spend 30 dollars or so for a shorter game. The more I get out of it the more I'm willing to pay. Aside from a few. Uncharted day 1, last of us day 1, etc. Jrpgs day 1, their usually longer. I'd buy gta day 1. The more I get out of a game the more I justify the price. I'm not trying to shit on shorter games at all because I like those to. It's just how I prefer to spend my money.

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