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It’s never a great sign when someone recommends a game on the grounds that it gets good after more than a dozen hours, but that’s very much the kind of game Starfield is, and I do recommend it. There are a lot of forces working against it, and the combination of disjointed space travel, nonexistent maps, aggravating inventory management, and a slow rollout of essential abilities very nearly did it in. It was the joys piloting a custom spaceship into and out of all sorts of morally ambiguous situations in a rich sci-fi universe that eventually pulled it out of a nosedive. I’m glad that I powered through the early hours, because its interstellar mystery story pays off and, once the ball got rolling, combat on foot and in space gradually became good enough that its momentum carried me into New Game+ after I’d finished the main story after around 60 hours.

Sonic188190d ago

Decent score and he did mention similarities of NMS

Sonic188190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Well it doesn't stand a chance to win GOTY but Xbox fans finally got their game they hyped up. It is what it is .

NotoriousWhiz90d ago

^ Diablo 4 was a 9. Before they ruined it.

S2Killinit90d ago

All that hype. But, 80 range is an okay game to me.

DarXyde89d ago


Really? It's high 80s at this point (literally ONE point below my minimum expectation of 88 at the time of this comment).

80s range is a pretty solid game. The sense I get from the reviews is that it's a great game with shortcomings. That's fair enough.

Really, well done on a solid game, Bethesda. Debatable whether this is their best title, but it will certainly be considered their most ambitious of their current games.

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solideagle90d ago

It will win Xbox GOTY but may not overall GOTY

Sonic188190d ago

It will definitely win Xbox GOTY

jwillj2k490d ago

Bro they got nothing else. Like literally nothing else it’s between this and redfall.

RpgSama90d ago

LOL, It will near Red fall In a close race.

S2Killinit90d ago

It will come down to the wire between the two xbox contenders.

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neutralgamer199290d ago (Edited 90d ago )

IGN hands out 10/10 like no tomorrow. But the 2 reviews I wanted to watch have been on point

G-Man lives

Hopefully all the bugs are fixed quickly. I will wait few weeks before downloading

Sitting at 88/100 after 30+ reviews is great

Cockney90d ago

If the review code shenanigans are over and all outlets get to have a say I think we'll see it come down a little, but still, an 80+ is a good game, well done xbox

RaidenBlack90d ago

GmanLives called it Phenomenal : https://www.youtube.com/wat...
ACG says its absolutely worth buying : https://www.youtube.com/wat...
Gameranx : https://youtu.be/-vDwN0HDDq...

Waiting for Skill Up's review ... but in the meantime you can check TKs-Mantis' review : https://www.youtube.com/wat...
The guy makes one of the best Fallout lore videos

neutralgamer199290d ago


Shill up isn’t worth it and isn’t trustable IMO. ACG is the only one who does his videos with absolutely no sponsors while shill up is always sponsored and his opinion has been called out many times

Also seriously guys disagreeing because we have a good to great game is so damn childish. Grow up and stop being so damn immature

I own a XSX, PS5 and gaming PC. I want great games and starfield is a great game it seems. There are some shortcomings and issues which I am sure will be fixed quickly

I hate the fact Bethesda didn’t send out codes to everyone because why try to hide coverage for your game when the game is very good

This is the first major Xbox exclusives since halo 3 (speaking from hype and PR POV)

Crows9090d ago

Yeah I'm going to be honest I'm not sure what the complaints about the game really amount to. From what I've seen it's another Bethesda game. Nothing more and nothing less. Basically what we all expected...unless we were on pure blind fanboyism due to recent purchase.

SixFrvgz89d ago

Did you watch Luke Stephens' review?

I guess you didn't. You'll just cherry pick the reviews that make you feel better.

Game is the standard Bethesda fair. Nothing spectacular. No real space exploration. Recycled layouts used on different planets, same enemy placement, same object placement, loading screens, menus on top of menus.

Yes. "Neutralgamer"... enjoy the selective reviews that tell you what you want to hear.

anast89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Luke Stephens is comprehensive in his review.

Yui_Suzumiya88d ago

GManLives is who I go to for the best gaming suggestions.

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GamingSinceForever90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

You’re putting too much weight into GOTY. Honestly who gives a damn? I can tell
you right now that I enjoyed RE4 Remake more than Zelda but we know which will win in the end.

It all boils down to what it is you like and not what everyone else thinks.

I personally wound up not really liking FF16. The cutscenes were way to frequent, the side quests were pointless, and the bosses took way too many hits to kill. However it will be up for GOTY. 🤷🏾‍♂️

crazyCoconuts90d ago

Even mentioning GOTY is comical at this point.

StormSnooper89d ago

well, this definitely is not a game of the year contender. Doesn't mean its crap. But it appears that the hype was not warranted.

lelo2play90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

This reviewer gave Watch Dogs Legion a 8... * facepalm *

The amount of hate Starfield got from the get go, it was inevitable some low review scores. Likely the most hated game ever...
As for me, from what I've seen so far, Starfield looks great. Waiting for Sep 6th to play the game.

crazyCoconuts89d ago

Wow, so Watch Dogs Legion is more fun than Starfield? That's not good...

Operation122388d ago

I just wanna say starfield pc is sitting at a 88 metacritic and fallout 4 got a 84 metacritic. Fallout 4 was a pretty big deal for people

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generic-user-name90d ago

Looks like BG3 will secure the GOTY after all.