Unreal Engine 5.2 Out Now - Adds Improvements to Anti-Stuttering System, Enhances Lumen and Nanite

Epic Games announced the release of Unreal Engine 5.2. This update adds improvements to the anti-stuttering system, Lumen, Nanite, and more.

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Babadook7135d ago

Great news for PC gamers experiencing shader compilation stutter...

"The previous release, UE 5.1, had introduced an experimental PSO precaching system to improve hitching in DirectX12 games. In UE 5.2, the performance and stability have been increased, and the system now supports skipping drawing objects altogether if the relative PSOs aren't ready yet. While the goal is to have them ready, there is no guarantee they will be. With the new support for skipping, the stuttering shouldn't happen if the PSO hasn't been compiled."

Better to have a missing object somewhere for a few frames than drawing no frames at all. And it should be a bit quicker at compiling shaders as well


Chordosis Is An Alien Inspired Horror Game Created By One Developer

Spearheaded by AdamDubiGames, the sole creator of Chordosis, the game has some terrifying sceneries, amazing visuals, and some Alien madness.

Venoxn4g7d ago

This looks awesome.. especially that it's made by kne one dev


Immortals of Aveum Disappoints as Unreal Engine 5's True Debut

Immortals of Aveum is the true debut of Unreal Engine 5 in a brand new triple-A game, and it largely disappoints from a technical standpoint.

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Vits34d ago

On consoles, things are not much better below 900p on the Series X and PS5. And 480p on the Series S. Before upscaling to 1440p.

The excuse is that UE5 is just too demanding for current-gen hardware (being console or PC). Which is sort of funny, given it was supposedly built with them in mind.

Lightning7734d ago

Touting a current gen engine for 3 years only to end up being too demanding form the system and PC is a complete joke.

What are we even doing this generation?

Vits34d ago

Yeap and the issue is exacerbated by the current consolidation of the engine market, where most studios prefer to license Unreal instead of developing their own in-house tools.

Seraphim33d ago

that's what happens when you have too many chefs in the kitchen

EvertonFC33d ago

It'll be nxt gen when UE5 takes full effect imo, maybe that's why playstation is doing the PRO?

Vits33d ago

Well, clearly it will not be in this gen. If games continue to be released like this. But that is kind of the problem if the engine that was built and teased for this generation is just too demanding for it. Just like @Lightning77 put it. What is really the point of this gen?

Yes, a PRO will definitely help alleviate the issue. But the reality is we are already 60M consoles into this generation. And there aren't really that many current-gen games in the market. And if we are going to need a Pro version to really see the gains of the few that are being released, it kind of feels like a bait and switch. And PC is not really that much better, as the article points out performance is also pretty shit even with considerable more powerful hardware.

anast33d ago

Here's the first true hustle of this gen.

33d ago

Remnant 2 Tech Review: An Unreal Engine 5 Nanite Showcase? PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S

The Digital Foundry tech analysis of Remnant 2 reveals the advantages of a current-gen focus with Unreal Engine 5 and Nanite technology. It's a current-gen-only title that takes advantage of Unreal Engine 5 features and the enhanced horsepower provided by PS5, Series X and Series S. We've tested the game on each of these consoles to discover whether its visuals befit its ninth-gen heritage and whether its procedural systems can deliver a satisfying adventure.

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Vits62d ago (Edited 62d ago )


The game runs at fairly low resolutions and with unstable frame rates. But is very complex visually and DF believes that it was enough to show something that outstrips last-gen software. Even though it came with a hefty price of low internal resolutions and frame-rate dips.

There are differences between the modes available. With Quality giving more foliage, better reflections and shadow quality. Motion blur is permanently locked, but DF described it as "pleasing" and the game target upscaling to deliver something usable, probably using UE TSR instead of FSR.

For the Series X and PS5, the only difference is that the Series X allows the game to run at frame rates higher than 60fps. But it doesn't really maintain that with both consoles performing quite poorly:

Quality - That goes for 30 fps and 1296p internally.
Balanced - That goes for 792p internally and tries to maintain 60fps, but dips all the way to 30fps.
Performance - That goes for 720p internally and tires to maintain 60fps, but didn't really show better stability and actually adds screen tearing to the mix.

As for the Series S. It only comes with one mode that is similar to Balanced but runs at a higher resolution internally (900p) and lower fps (30).

Gardenia61d ago

So this game doesn't even run 1080p 60fps?

Vits60d ago

Natively and on consoles, no.
The closest to that would be running on "balanced mode", but the internal resolution would be sub-1080p and the frame rate also comes with a lot of dips.

hiawa2361d ago

Just got mine in from Gamefly and it is on 2 discs for the Series X.