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Ukraine's Government Officially Requests Atomic Heart's Ban in Letters to Sony, Microsoft, & Valve

Last month, Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation announced that it would reach out to Sony, Microsoft, and Valve requesting the ban of digital sales of Mundfish's Atomic Heart in the country. Today, they announced that they have followed through and published letters to the platform holders.

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Community478d ago
SullysCigar478d ago

Here we go... Play it now everyone, before it's too late. You don't get to make your own decisions, the Ukrainian Government will let you know what you can and can't buy. 🙄

VenomUK478d ago

This is a bad precedent, for governments to ask companies to prevent art-based media to be banned. If individuals don’t want to play it then it’s their choice - but don’t force the removal of choice from the public.

These are dangerous times we’ve entered, where everyone wants to suffocated the voices of people they disagree with. What will you do about it?

victorMaje478d ago

If this goes through, gamers should sue the stores. If it doesn’t we should watch the terms & conditions very closely.

sadraiden477d ago

It's not a bad precedent. It's an extremely specific instance of a country being invaded by an aggressor, and the invaded country requesting a video game platform prevent sales of Russian content in their country.

"Suffocated the voices of people they disagree with" such a shitty take. It's a video game.

Abriael477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I'd say it's more "dangerous" when a country invades another in complete defiance of international law and starts committing a bunch of war crimes against its people than when a country politely asks for a (really shitty) game to be removed from sale.

When there's a war of aggression, it's entirely normal that those who are being invaded and are defending their freedom and territorial integrity fight on all fronts, including the cultural fronts.

The fact that some seem to be angrier about a simple request for the ban of a crap game than about tens of thousands of people being murdered in the name of putin's hubris really shows their colors and how screwed up their priorities are.

GhostTurtle477d ago

It's a terrible precedent....what the fuck are you talking about?

VenomUK477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

@Abriael: "The fact that some seem to be angrier about a simple request for the ban of a crap game than about tens of thousands of people being murdered in the name of Putin's hubris really shows their colours and how screwed up their priorities are."

It's not that anybody is endorsing or celebrating the illegal invasion of Ukraine - I don't think anybody here is doing that. Rather, the point you're making is that because THIS is such an important issue the game should be banned. Likewise, just a month ago there were other people saying HOGWARTS LEGACY should be banned because the issues related to the trans-debate are so important. There are loads of games that are important to some, somewhere. There are loads of games that are offensive to some groups, somewhere:

Should Hogwarts Legacy be banned because a group of people have very strong and sincere feelings about it being harmful?

Should SIX DAYS IN FALLUJAH be banned because it's extremely offensive to some people who have strong feelings about the invasion of Iraq?

Should ATOMIC HEART be banned because some people have strong feelings about the invasion of Ukraine?

I believe people are being sincere about the reasons they want Atomic Heart to be released - but with respect, we can't run societies by choosing to ban games, media, books, films, conversations, etc, just because a subsection of society doesn't agree with them. In a democracy, freedom is about having the choice to not be forced to play a game - not trying to force your choice on others.

Abriael477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

@venomUK: As a matter of fact, there's people right here supporting the invasion of Ukraine quite openly, while others (you included) are engaging in whataboutism, which isn't all that much better.

Whether the game should be banned or not, depends on the platform holders. It's their decision that they can take freely.

Just like it's Ukraine's right to ask for its ban. In war, you don't fight just with guns. Fighting on a cultural level is an entirely viable and justified tactic when there's a much more powerful (albeit absolutely inept) country trying to obliterate you from the map.

As for me, a game that unironically glorifies soviet ideology (and yes, it does) is despicable. My personal reaction is not to support it (easy choice since everything I've seen of it is absolute trash), but if a country wants to request its ban, it's their right, just like it's Sony's, Microsoft's, and Valve's right to accept that request or deny it.

No one here is "forcing" anything. They have made a request, which they literally cannot "force" on anyone. If the platform holders decide to (unlikely) accede to said request, it's their choice, and anyone will be free to judge that choice according to their personal values.

JackBNimble477d ago

Ukraine is being invaded by the Russian government, not Russian civilians. To demonize average civilians/ developers because they live in Russia or are Russian is disgusting.

BlackTar187477d ago

It’s very clear from the posts that sadraiden and abriael don’t even know much about the conflict and did their research on cnn,msnbc or Fox News. You guys need to let it sync in they are all propaganda.

Abriael477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

@JackBNimble: the russian government didn't elect itself and is not without support.

Dirty_Lemons477d ago

Yep absolutely. Germany has a bad track record for banning games too. It's not political, it's a bloody game. We have games where we go and murder innocent people in airports, or hack people to pieces and suffocate them with plastic bags (great game that Manhunt...) yet they aren't banned.

That said, this Ukraine conflict is extremely crappy and shouldn't be happening to begin with.

Umb477d ago

@Abriael, I think you need to look at things in Ukraine leading up to 2014 and the events soon after including the Minsk Accord and the situation in Donbas.

Geo-political narratives is complex enough but the MSM on either side doesn't help make things clearier, however, the bias will naturally fall in Western favor if you live in the west. And the western MSM has done a number of questionable things since the Gulf War era leading to current.

To allow a governemnt of another country to control how citizens of another country lives is not right. If we are to take the same standards, we also need to apply it to CCP of China and their long list of atrocities. Will we also be arguing the same point if the CCP told our government to ban things? Though I have a feeling this is already happening to a degree.

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Abriael477d ago

@Christopher: People often forget that their IP can be located 😂

SullysCigar477d ago

Lmao I didn't forget anything, I'm just not entertaining irrelevant questions arising from an inability to accept that others have differing views.

If you want to play that game: Do you have to live in Ukraine to value freedom of choice? Does my location somehow make my opinion less relevant than sadraidens? I take it he lives in Ukraine? I also take it you won't answer that last point.

Christopher477d ago

@Sully they don't, but they also didn't just blatantly lie about it.

SullysCigar477d ago

I was making a point Chris, but you already knew that.

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Sonic1881477d ago

Why would I want to play a game that sucks

JackBNimble477d ago

No one said you have to play anything, that doesn't make it ok to ban a game just because you are ok with it.

Sonic1881477d ago

Fair enough but the game is still awful. They tried to compare it to Bioshock 🙄😂

Gamer_Dude477d ago

I'm not a fan of being told what to do.

neutralgamer1992477d ago

110 billion euros spent
Billions in damages
Countless lives affected
Too many people died/dying

And the solution to all this was presented last April.

Defending their freedom and land yet have lost freedom and lost so much of their land. In April 2022 Russia said give us a guarantee that Ukraine won't join nato and we would leave your country completely. But I guess that's not good enough because that means all the aid money stops

There is no winning this war against Russia. Russia losing could lead to nuclear war. I understand why Russia don't want NATO forces inside Ukraine and on their borders. So if I was running Ukraine I would be more worried about coming to a peaceful agreement and not trying to ban a game

If anyone wants to have a real conversation reply otherwise keep believing what media tells us especially western media

Abriael477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

It's hilarious that someone actually thinks russia won't be defeated.

They've been slapped and humiliated at every corner by a country that is 40+ times smaller. Their oh-so-mighty military that was supposed to conquer Kyiv in 3 days has proven to be one of the most inept in the world.

It's amazing that someone still thinks waving around the nuclear threat is going to have any effect.

NATO is several times stronger than russia in every possible way, and if there's one party that must be afraid of escalation, that's russia.

NATO has never been a threat to russia. The only threat to russia is putin and his bid to keep himself relevant and in power. The only effect putin's hubris attained is to make NATO stronger and to push more countries on its borders into NATO. Good job, I guess.

Incidentally, what you mention about "April 2022" is pure historical revisionism. It literally never happened.