Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo Trailer

This seems like a solid update to an interesting game. Get ready for an explosive adventure as Focus Entertainment and Mundfish celebrate the release of Atomic Heart’s highly anticipated second DLC, Trapped in Limbo

shinoff2183113d ago

Good I'll wait just a bit longer see if they re release a complete edition. I've been holding off for this

Garethvk113d ago

I liked the core game but you do need to factor puzzles and such into the action.

Garethvk112d ago

I like to see something a bit different yet in keeping with the core game.

mastershredder112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I wonder how the core game is. 1...2...3...

Garethvk112d ago

It was fine for me save for some puzzles.

TheEnigma313112d ago

This game just didn't do it for me.

Garethvk112d ago

Some puzzles took me put of the flow of the game but at least they tried something new.



Trapped In Limbo is one of those strange DLCs that feels too long and short at the same time, it's a fun idea that feels like it belongs in a different game

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Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo Review - IGN

A disappointing mix of ideas that ends as an exhausting Temple Run clone, Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo gets less fun the longer it goes goes on.

MrDead106d ago

Looks like a no-clip run for me.

SimpleSlave106d ago

...Holy trash Bat-o-man! WTF is this shit? This is what happens when you let LeafyIsHere fans design a game.

On a serious note, this shows not everybody is cut out to be a game designer. But making Ubisawft generic by-the-number game design look like high art is something else. That takes some serious rotten brain damage. Never allow that person or team near any game...ever.

This is what they'll use to justify the us of AI in their next game, isn't it? Awesome...

shinoff2183106d ago

A 3. Damn must've fk over ign somehow. Their usually way more dishonest with their ratings. I'll judge it for myself. Here's hoping for a physical re release with dlc included in another year or so. I got the patience for it. I'm definitely interested in the game. Not really into fps games but this seems unique enough.


Best Shooter of 2023

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Ah, yes... the shooter. While many will besmirch the genre for being just about shooting guns, I say that's an unfair judgement. There's also the potential for stabbing, exploding, incinerating, impaling, and so much more! Jokes aside, 2023 was an... interesting year for quality, in that it felt like a coin toss whether a big-budget shooter would actually be worth anyone's time. Below are the final contenders for the year, ranging from modern-military shooters to a new IP that didn't seem like it'd ever release. Interesting, indeed."

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P_Bomb140d ago

Dang. In its darkest hour COD still gets nominated? The genre needs to do better.

coolbeans140d ago

The unavoidable pitfalls of a 50/50 split influence between community & staff on GOTY awards. MW III was awarded a 3/10 on the site too. lol

Pyrofire95140d ago

I paused Atomic Heart in anticipation for the RT update. I don't think that ever came and at this point it's basically dropped for me.