Best Shooter of 2023

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "Ah, yes... the shooter. While many will besmirch the genre for being just about shooting guns, I say that's an unfair judgement. There's also the potential for stabbing, exploding, incinerating, impaling, and so much more! Jokes aside, 2023 was an... interesting year for quality, in that it felt like a coin toss whether a big-budget shooter would actually be worth anyone's time. Below are the final contenders for the year, ranging from modern-military shooters to a new IP that didn't seem like it'd ever release. Interesting, indeed."

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P_Bomb140d ago

Dang. In its darkest hour COD still gets nominated? The genre needs to do better.

coolbeans140d ago

The unavoidable pitfalls of a 50/50 split influence between community & staff on GOTY awards. MW III was awarded a 3/10 on the site too. lol

Pyrofire95140d ago

I paused Atomic Heart in anticipation for the RT update. I don't think that ever came and at this point it's basically dropped for me.


Call of Duty Warzone lobbies to increase to 120 players

Ahead of the release of Warzone Season 4, it has been announced that the lobby size is set to increase for the first time since 2023.

BeRich23315h ago

I thought it was 120 when the game first released


Are We Going to Get an Arizona Sunshine 3?

Vertigo Games' Arizona Sunshine 2 was brilliant, but are we going to get an Arizona Sunshine 3 in the future?

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jznrpg10h ago

I still want a physical copy of Arizona Sunshine 2 for PSVR2


Arizona Sunshine 2 (Quest 3) Review - Duuro

Apart from some technical problems that can be improved with a couple of patches, the atmospheric presentation and superb co-op elevate Arizona Sunshine 2 beyond a VR zombie shooter.