Deathloop comes to Xbox Series X - And not much has changed from its PS5 debut

Once a PS5 console exclusive, Deathloop comes to Xbox... and Digital Foundry has the port report.

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sammarshall102190d ago

PS5 will always have the advantage because of the Dualsense

Jin_Sakai190d ago

I love the DualSense controller. I like the ergonomics of the Xbox controller but the sticks and buttons are way too loud and clicky!

Army_of_Darkness190d ago

The dualsense. Literally the most amazing controller ever!

SyntheticForm189d ago

I like it too, but let's be honest, no developer has even come close to what Team Asobi did with Astro's Playroom, and they probably never will - sorry to be cynical.

Jin_Sakai189d ago

“I like it too, but let's be honest, no developer has even come close to what Team Asobi did with Astro's Playroom, and they probably never will - sorry to be cynical.“

True but not everything has to be on that level. Returnal makes good use of the DualSense haptics and I’ve heard GT7 does a good job as well. Probably some more games I haven’t played also do.

curtain_swoosh189d ago

ive been saying this for years haha. its soo loud

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Tacoboto190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Not everyone prefers the adaptive triggers. I personally don't mind them, but it's the stick position for me that will always make the Elite controller my go-to for shooters (compared to even the upcoming DS Edge). Shortest trigger span setting + offset sticks.

GamingSinceForever190d ago

He clearly was talking about the haptic feedback being an advantage.

Tacoboto190d ago

"because of the Dualsense"

Ah yeah, clearly says it right there.

Owlbert189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Off set sticks ftw I couldn't imagine trying to play rainbow six siege with a ps controller...on the plus side I think less ppl on ps5 use xim, Xbox version of siege is infected with xim cheaters✌️👍

Pocahontas189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Too bad your character movement is used just as much in 99% of the games. It should be offset too. This myth needs to die.

sinspirit189d ago

Offset holds no advantage but I'm not gonna argue with what you find more comfortable. It's a dead argument. People say it's better for movement.. but then have nothing to say in regards to the camera which needs more precise control to get your shots off.

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"PS5 will always have the advantage because of the Dualsense"

Meh...I'd rather have a Series X and play the sequel.

Shadowsteal190d ago

I hope it doesn't get a sequel because Deathloop is grossly overrated and is basically if "repetition" was a game. Hades and even Returnal accomplished the same rogue-like formula infinitely better.

Silly Mammo189d ago (Edited 189d ago )


Yep! With Xbox it's always about the anticipation for what's coming(maybe) at some point in the future.

pedrof93189d ago


You hope it dosen't get a sequel ?🤣

The repetiton mechanic is completely different in those games, Deathloop is not rogue like game. 😅😂

The game is great.


I’d say that’s a matter of opinion…

SyntheticForm189d ago

That's quite debatable but ok.

MadLad189d ago

I never liked the design of PlayStation controllers.
I like what they've done with dual sense, and use it, obviously, on the PS5, but also on PC games that have profiles for the functionality that it offers.

At the same time, if they're not there, I'm using an Xbox pad.

Doomster1971189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I agree. I bought the game for £20 around a month ago for my PS5, and the game makes brilliant use of it. I downloaded it from gamepass the other day to try out the XSX version. I couldn't see any difference in the performance mode, but it really looses something in the controller department. I'm pretty surprised Micro haven't released a similar controller, yet. The PS5 Controller really is a game changer. I've always loved the Xbone/ XSX Controller, though. It's really comfortable to use, and I loved the trigger feedback while playing the Forza games. The dual sense triggers are much better, though. I'm hoping Micro releases a similar one. Preferably before the new Forza comes out. I doubt it, though.

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z2g190d ago

so pretty much the same, but the series x has some small frame rate advantage and VRR and the ps5 version doesn't have VRR.

having played the. game on both systems now I would agree with this. I'd also say the series x version does look a hair cleaner/sharper but its minimal.

Father__Merrin190d ago

Il skip. Can not understand games with the die and start over mechanic simply not for me

Knushwood Butt190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

I got into them. Returnal ended up being my goty 2021, and am currently addicted to Dead Cells.
Played a fair bit of Demons Souls too, but taking a break from that.

VenomUK189d ago

@Father_Merrin I feel the same. I've struggled with Returnal, Demon Souls and Death Loop. I hate putting in a lot of time and then, almost, starting back where you began. Returnal, not normally by kinda game I was really enjoying but I kept getting killed on the boss of the first level. I did try to 'Get Good' - but I couldn't!

Knushwood Butt189d ago

For the bosses it's all about remembering patterns and focusing more on defense than offense because they hit hard. You can't beat them with firepower alone, so you have to think of it more like an endurance race than a sprint.

Today I did a run on Dead Cells, got to the last boss, and lost. At least Dead Cells lets you practice against bosses you have encountered; in Returnal you have to learn the hard way.

VenomUK189d ago

Cheers Knushwood. I will take that on board as I do plan to return to Returnal and all of them in fact. I think that as I get older I'm just becoming impatient!

Father__Merrin189d ago

Demon souls is different because no time restrictions. Il give it an install to check it out at least I can say I played it

Chevalier189d ago


Returnal was amazing! The first boss killed me like 3 dozen times! Every boss after took my only 1 or 2 tries. The game really opens up when you beat the boss and get better. PM me if you need help or want to try Co-op! Got some great tips if you need!

Knushwood Butt188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I had a lot of fun playing Returnal co-op too, but I'm glad I beat it on my own because I got to figure everything out for myself, and when those breakthroughs finally come they are really satisfying.

I agree with Chevalier that the first boss is a real breakthrough after you beat it.

For the final boss I think I beat it on my third attempt.

I'd be up for co-op too but sounds like you are covered.

I have about 260 hours logged on Returnal!

VenomUK187d ago

@Chevalier and @Knushwood I very much appreciate the invite. I don't have much time until next month it be good to possibly have some help with stuff. If that's alright I will send you my main PSN.

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Kekewei190d ago

Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback is future of gaming, it won't stay Sony exclusive forever. Xbox fans should push Microsoft for it, not hate it because of stupid console war thing.


I don't have an issue with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, I just don't think it's nearly as important of a feature as having a replaceable battery. I can't even begin to tell you how convenient it is to simply swap in a fresh rechargable battery when I get the "Low Battery" indicator on Series X....and continue playing in less than a minute.

Kekewei189d ago

I'm not arguing which platform version of this game is better, just pointing out that Xbox fans don't have to always take the dualsense feature negatively and pretend they don't care.

KillBill189d ago

@Kekewei "..and pretend they don't care." just a little clarification for you. We really "don't care". Simple as that. As well many of us didn't care for Kinect, VR, or rumble features for that matter. It really isn't anything to care about for us.

darkrider189d ago

Batteries shouldn't be used on 2022.... It's ancient tech. The dualsense needs a couple of hours to fully charge. The best setup is having two Duelsense, something very common...

HardKnockKid24189d ago

Yea, I like the dual sense. I think Sony did a really great job with this controller. It just feels good in my hands, chunkier than the PS4 controller and wider than the Xbox controller. The only reason I still prefer the Xbox controller is the offset sticks. The haptics are really nice, but I forget they are there after a while of playing. I’m hoping one of Sonys studios implements it really well in the future. And Xbox absolutely should copy this feature. Maybe mid gen refresh the controller or sneak it in with the next elite controller.

CS7189d ago

I have a long cable on my PS5 and I’ll continue playing in like 20 seconds.

The fact that Xbox Series S comes with AA Batteries like a little toy is ridiculous.

sinspirit189d ago

See. This argument keeps being brought up, yet no one acknowledges that there are instant charge options available. Clip on batteries. Just clip it on and you don't need the controller to be tethered for 15 mins. If it's such a big deal then you'd accept this option. Instead when this is brought up it's glossed over so this "pro and con" argument can keep going on for what is actually a very pesky thing to focus on for a better product. I'd say the more complete all in one with rechargeables included is the best option. Do you forget to plug in your phone? Do you buy cheaper older phones and extra batteries so you don't have to wait for a charge? Is it really worth it for substantially less features and less of an effort for similarly priced hardware?

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MadLad189d ago

It's superfluous.
It's cool when you first start using it, but you stop even thinking about it after an hour or two.

It doesn't actually add that much to the gaming experience.

189d ago
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