GameStop 4 Pre-Owned Games For $20 & $40 Sales: Feature Several PS5 & Switch Games

Daily Video Game writes: "Today, GameStop has just kicked off two new game sales that offer four pre-owned games $20 or less for $40 and four pre-owned games $10 or less for $20 across multiple gaming platforms right now, including many PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch games!"

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walken782d ago

Daily videogame writes: we bought our way to the front of N4G for the 1000th time.

S2Killinit82d ago

Not sure what you mean. But I think there is a policy to allow sales articles to jump quickly to the headlines so that people can see them before the sale is done. (If that is what puzzled you)

SonyStyled82d ago

I think I have $10 in credits and got a $50 gift card as a holiday gift. I might find a store so I can see what I’m buying