Epic Games reveals UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection's PC release date

Uncharted is coming to PC this summer. Are you ready for June 20th?

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VerminSC821d ago

So glad PC players are gonna be able to experience a Naughty Dog game for the first time. Such an incredible studio

Amplitude821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

God finally! I'm so stoked to replay it at 120+fps with dlss and better graphics and steam controller config gyro aim and VRR instead of the 30fps I played on console. Coulda got it on PS5 but been waiting for this. Hype hype hype

Rhythmattic821d ago

I was stocked to play it back then, when it kicked arse as a console game..

Number1TailzFan821d ago

Even 90fps is noticeably smoother than 60fps, 60 is almost 17ms response and going up just 30fps more brings you down to 11ms. Been high hz gaming since 2012 and wouldn't go back to 60hz, later last year i went 4k high hz too.

Babadook7821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Nice try guys. All I’m hearing is a lot of lame excuses as to why it was better to wait years to play what was a goty caliber game.

Charlieboy333821d ago

The graphics are going to be exactly the same. Higher resolution and frame rate does not equal ' better graphics'.

S2Killinit821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

You Could have played it on a PlayStation when released and when it was going to blow your mind with each release, but I hope you enjoy the heck out of it now too.

Eonjay821d ago

On PS5 is runs
4k 30FPS
1440P at 60 FPS
1080P at 120 FPS

But if you are running it on PC you can as you said lower your resolution to get to 120FPS if you need too. Or if your GPU can handle 1080P @ 120FPS you can use dlss to boost up from 1080p. Either way options for getting above 30FPS exist on PC and console.

Snakeeater25821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

Alwais that crazy Pc gamer thats sooo happy to play a 10 yrs old game at 120fps lol like it gonna make a perfect game better

All you will have is naked drake mood lol get over it

Shuckylad821d ago

Totally, for me even 75fps is way better than 60fps.

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darthv72820d ago

@dook... wouldnt this be wait months (not years) to play this on PC? We are talking about the remastered UC legacy collection, not the vanilla UC4. There were lots of improvements and the addition of lost legacy as well. That only recently came out to the PS5. And the PC users are getting it in June. That's way shorter time than i expected from Sony but its nice to see they are closing the gap between console and PC releases.

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Jin_Sakai821d ago

“So glad PC players are gonna be able to experience a Naughty Dog game for the first time“

Yea because it’s not like they couldn’t have got a PlayStation console to play the games if they really wanted to.

Bladesfist821d ago

Some people would rather play them on PC. Just like I assume you would rather play your games on console. It's not that complicated.

VerminSC821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

The amount of butt hurt comments on this thread. Me saying it’s cool they get to finally play it is really causing this much controversy?

You guys need a fucking job, or social life if you think this is a controversial discussion 😂

Lord_Sloth821d ago

My dude, some people have to commit to one system or the other and a lot of PC gamers spend their money on their hardware to save on the software and so they commit to PC. Don't be THAT dude, just be glad that more people can witness the amazing Uncharted 2!

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Terry_B820d ago

PC Players were able to play Naughty Dog games since the first Playstation got emulated..like over 20 years ago. Also Crash Bandicoot Trilogy got ported to pc.

CaptainHenry916820d ago

I can't wait to play this in 120fps on PC

FACTUAL evidence820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

So now Uncharted isn’t finally just a tomb raider rip off, and a lot of you can finally play this on your rigs and excited? The blasphemy here is too ginormous.😂 That aside, the uncharted series was phenomenal, and I’m glad I got to experience that magic day one when the support was needed. I own all of the uncharted games and beat them 100%. UC2 was something special when it released! Those multiplayer/coop days on ps3 was unexplainable when that game released. Naughty dog truly are masters of their craft.

Charlieboy333817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

LOL at the 9 idiots that downvoted so far....let me explain to you low IQ morons. So.....Pac Man in 4K and 120 FPS would nake the graphics soooo much better? No....it wouldn't make the 'graphics' any ' better' you dumb fucks. I swear we are dealing with a generation of retards in america right now.

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thesoftware730821d ago

I thought the games graphics were outstanding before, being on PC will only add to thet.

Rhythmattic821d ago

As Will this same as same-old comment,.
Which is now, not before then.
Never go Full.

Eonjay821d ago

Check out steam https://store.steampowered....

Its just an old wifes tale that PC gamers are rocking setups better chang current gen consoles.
The top gpu is still NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. If you take a look at the top 10 GPUs on steam, all 10 of them are at or below a PS5.

Giblet_Head821d ago

@Eonjay The Steam hardware & software surveys are made up of less than 1% of the total Steam userbase, also it's a voluntary opt in by request randomly each month. Hardly what one would call a precise analytic system.

Eonjay821d ago

Did some additonal looking around and I found that the methodology for this survey is correct and very sound.
I also found that (as of about a year ago) nearly 28% of users were using GPUs faster than the 1060 (given the cavet that there are two models). Still this leaves 70% of users that are at the 1060 level or lower. All 70% of users are rocking GPUs that are less powerful than the PS5 and Xbox Series X. So to act like console users are really missing out is like saying most PC gamers are also missing out.
And this completely ignores the benifits of PC. PC isn't the most powerful in its totality: its the stognest, the weakest and everything in between.

Bladesfist821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

@Eonjay I don't know what that has to do with it most likely looking the best on PC. Don't you need to do the same for console gamers, how many PS5s are there and what percentage of console gamers have one?

Last official sales we have for PS5 is at 17.3 million.
3060 and above, with 2080, 2080 super and 2080Ti (ignoring any AMD cards) has a share of 8.55% on the steam survey.

Steam has 120 million monthly active users so using that to extrapolate sales.

High End PC users (that use Steam) are at 10.26 million.

That's a fair bit behind PS5 but it's still a sizable chunk of gamers.

Knightofelemia821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

With out the first 3 UC games added into the roster PC players are missing out first 3 UC games are pretty good. I wonder why Sony refuses to port the first 3 UC games to PC. I know myself if I am starting a new franchise whether a movie or a game I like to start from beginning to end.

ocelot07821d ago

Ohhh cool thought this already released on pc along with the PS5 version lol. But enjoy really enjoyed playing this at 120fps on PS5.

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Fishy Fingers821d ago

I love a high frame rate but not sure id ever pick 1080p (@120hz) for a single player.

ocelot07821d ago

I did like for first few sections I went for 60fps and was enjoying it. Then tried the 120hz option and couldn't force my self to change it back. The little detail difference was not enough to sacrifice the butter smoothness of 120.

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