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From IGN: "After 15 hours of outmaneuvering infected villagers in VR, I have a newfound appreciation for Resident Evil 4. While the original version was my gateway into the Resident Evil series nearly 16 years ago, the moment I booted up this remake on my Oculus Quest 2, I knew Armature Studios had created something special. Resident Evil 4 was already an excellent game, but experiencing it in VR recaptured that feeling of playing it for the very first time.

The perspective has shifted, but no significant changes have been made to Resident Evil 4’s corny but easy-to-follow action-movie plot. You are still playing as Leon S. Kennedy, now a U.S. government agent in rural Europe to rescue the president’s daughter while fending off hordes of infected villagers and monsters. Sure, there are some references to earlier entries (specifically Resident Evil 2), but Resident Evil 4 was an effective entry point to the series for many people like myself because you don’t need to have played the previous games to know what’s going on."

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Chriswheeler2293d ago

They gave it 9 not an 8 you weiners

OtterX93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Yea, I think they confused it with the REVIII Village review that was reposted in the middle of this review, which received an 8. I flagged it for an edit, although this was already approved.

Really hope the exclusivity to Oculus is timed and this comes to PSVR (but more likely PSVR2) down the road!

Chriswheeler2293d ago

Id love for it to come too platforms. Exclusives is such a small user base is awful

Neonridr93d ago

PC users felt the same way about RE7 coming. It never did.

scofios93d ago

i'm afraid it will stay at oculus aparantelly it is made by them and not at Capcom .
But who knows maybe in the future ...

roadkillers93d ago

What a great hob from this N4G moderator team. Way to go guys, 10 people did not look at the article before approving.

93d ago
Kane2293d ago

not a fan with a lot of cut content and them charging $40 for it. and im talking about the modes being cut.

XbladeTeddy93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Well, it's in VR and I'm willing to pay and hopefully other devs will take note of the profit they get and do the same with their games. The Quest 2 needs games like this even if they're old it's still a new experience because VR. As long as the main game's there to experience I don't care.

Tacoboto93d ago

I'm buying this too today - Village's was the first Mercs mode I played and it's tons of fun.

Maybe they'll add these in later, hopefully - as it is considering what's on the Oculus Store, $40 for a core AAA at this length isn't the worst there.

CrimsonWing6993d ago

Is out today or tomorrow? I’m definitely buying it immediately!

BigBosss93d ago

Fix the review, it was given a 9 and not an 8

annoyedgamer93d ago

I cant believe they censored this

CrimsonWing6993d ago

How is it surprising? Welcome to SJW society.

TGGJustin93d ago

Not surprising one bit. None of that stuff was even harmful. It's just a certain minority crowd that has a problem with it

HankHill93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

People are offended by the most trivial things nowadays.

giveyerheadawobble93d ago

I was intrigued at what this could be, having not played the original game. Given this is VR, I thought it would have been something appropriate, like covering up a certain character's clothing or something like that. Nope. A fictional game character (Leon) asks for another fictional female game characters phone number because he admits he's attracted to her. Oh dear God, no! Not a perfectly natural attraction that happens in real life between opposite sexes. And he asked for her phone number? I am shocked to my fucking core! Won't someone think of the children?!

I'd love to know just who it was that thought this was offensive to be removed. They offend me. They should be removed.

CrimsonWing6993d ago

Dialogue like the ballistics and Leon hitting on the agent girl on his walkie talkie.

roadkillers93d ago

It wasn't censored... it was cut. The stuff cut added literally nothing to the game. What did add to the game... when you looked up Ashley's skirt, she said 'pervert'. If that's not there then there are issues

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