Resident Evil 4 VR: The best VR game of 2021

Resident Evil 4 VR dropped a few weeks ago, and Kyle cannot get enough of it, hailing it as the best VR game of 2021.

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SullysCigar70d ago

Nope. It's great in many ways, don't get me wrong, but it's got serious flaws and there are better games.

What bugs me most is that it strips lots of content from the original version (it doesn't even include mercenaries!) and the 2D cutscenes ruin the immersion we're playing VR for in the first instance. Not cool - it's 2021 FFS!

ApocalypseShadow69d ago

My guy totally ignores Hitman 3 and all the content it provides.

JustSomeGuy9468d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Its the game that made me buy VR, I had never touched VR before. And while I haven't played a single other VR game as of yet, there has to be something said about the fact this game made me dive into VR when before I had not near as much interest.

I'd also love the extra modes and first person cutscenes, but it hardly bothers me in the bigger picture.

CrimsonWing6968d ago

Absolutely it is! I’m still blown away with how good it is. If there’s ever a game that other games need to follow in VR it’s this one. I honestly couldn’t put it down and typically I’ll play a VR game for maybe an hour tops. I just kept having a blast with this and wanting to move forward to see how the next area looked in VR. Absolutely love it and recommend it!