Blinx Is Part Of Gaming History, And You Need To Play It When It Comes To Game Pass

Beyond the marketing buzzwords though, what it essentially meant is that Blinx could control time - he is The Time Sweeper, after all. This meant slowing time down, speeding time up, recording a moment in time, reversing time, and stopping time entirely, all in service of a war against some evil pigs. That sounds kind of rubbish, and it is - but it's the best rubbish. The sort of rubbish you absolutely need to be a part of. When it joins Game Pass, grab yourself a little slice of gaming history.

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Lightning7767d ago

I dunno if it'll hit gamepass unless it's been confirmed and I'm missing something. Even if it does hit the service it all ultimately wouldn't matter because MS dumped the IP back in 2015 anyway.

Making any future installments none existent. It was no Mario, Sonic but MS needed a mascot. They did spawn 2 games and I guess ppl didn't ultimately Care I guess. MS needs a mascot/platformed this gen with all their studios they have now.

JustTheFax66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Why they haven't made a Banjo Kazooie game to rival Super Mario Odyssey is beyond me. They should contract Playtonic to make it. That would be something! haha
Instead they push Super Luckys Tale.

But yeah, they said Blinx is coming to game pass.

brewin66d ago

Yeah I agree banjo totally needs a reboot! Nuts and bolts wasn't bad but it wasn't quite the banjo game I was looking for.

As far as super Lucky's tale that one was all right but New Super Lucky's Tale was actually pretty sweet. That one was a "sort of" sequel to super Lucky's Tale with much better gameplay. It's been awhile since I played them so I can't remember if the story was a new or not but I just remember new super Lucky's tale being surprisingly good.

Phil has mentioned numerous times that they'd like to have more of a presence in the family-friendly market. Well they own rare and all of those properties so they should definitely start utilizing them. I could totally see banjo becoming an open world adventure game. I also wouldn't mind seeing the sequel to Kameo. That was a pretty good game I love the art style and the gameplay was pretty fun. That was one of the gems of the 360 launch for me!

georeo66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

It was a good game and the music was really good too. It was just a little to slow unless you were using Fast-forward powers.

Zeref66d ago

No thanks, I like Blinx as a mascot and I hope they someday revisit it, cuz the gameplay concept is cool but it needs more polish.

Sciurus_vulgaris66d ago

Microsoft during the original Xbox-era tried to create a mascot for the platform with Blinx and Voodoo Vince. Master Chief essentially became Xbox’s mascot, despite not being designed to be so.

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The story is too old to be commented.