Microsoft could introduce a cheaper, ad-supported Game Pass tier, survey suggests

VGC writes: "While a survey is not an indication of something guaranteed to happen, it does suggest Microsoft is looking for ways to expand its Game Pass subscriber base, which Xbox head Phil Spencer has admitted has slowed down on the console, despite strong PC adoption."

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Lifexline282d ago

Yeah it’s not surprising it’s very smart for them to do this all the other giant streaming companies are doing it and it actually works for them.

People don’t mind watching some ads if it means less money for them. But for those who don’t want them go for the other tiers and don’t get ads. Variety is good.

Godmars290282d ago

One, who say ad-subs are working for streaming sites?

Two, haven't they just started to roll out? Way to early to measure their success or failure. Nevermind slowed down adaptation likely means they've neared or reached the limit of subs they're likely to get.

RedDevils282d ago

Maybe they will increase the price with current tier, while adding the cheaper tier but instead of charging it cheaper it will cost what you are paying now but with ads.

xander31281d ago

this is so incredibly lame

S2Killinit282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

MS doing everything to ruin gaming. Lets all clap for them.


Aloymetal282d ago

Exactly! but MS don't really care if they ruin gaming because at the end of the day if s**t really hits the fan they will gladly call it a day, pack their bags and leave like nothing ever happened because they have all the money in the world aka Windows.

agnosticgamer282d ago

How is MS ruining Gaming? If people don't like an ad-supported cheaper option for GamePass they won't subscribe. Those who don't mind will. Why is this destroying gaming? How does this affect you? You do realize a question on a survey doesn't really mean much. They are gauging interest to see if enough people are interested in a cheaper option. If you're not one of them why do you care and why is it ruining gaming?

Thundercat77281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

MS does not care about gaming. They just want to fill their giant company ego. They can't stand that smaller companies like Sony and Nintendo are killing it and having more success.

LoveSpuds282d ago

I can't help but wonder if this is a precursor to a price hike for GP. Jack up the price a good chunk and try and mitigate the negative reception by offering a cheaper ad dependent tier.

SonyStyled282d ago

What would the lower tiers be, removal of Day 1 first party games for the base model subscription? After the announcement of $70 first party games moving forward, the top tier subscription for Day 1 would still be the best deal.

agnosticgamer277d ago

The precursor to hiking GamePass prices would be if the $70 Billion dollar Activision/Blizzard/King acquisition goes through. If it does I'd be pretty certain there will be some sort of price hike to all GamePass tiers. Maybe one of the reasons they are looking at this new delayed 1p party game access with advertisements.

yarbie1000282d ago

And waiting 6 months for 1st party games. So now you can pay to wait. That tells you all you need to know

Snookies12282d ago

Oof wow, seriously? That really sucks. No thanks on that. If it just had some ads, that would be one thing. But locking people out of certain titles for a period of time is ridiculous.

Bathyj282d ago

You're already paying to wait.

Hofstaderman282d ago

Special discount for the wait for E3 tier.

RedDevils282d ago

Not surprising if they do exactly that. It's M$ after all.

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Stanjara282d ago

So, what I'm thinking is they will increase the price of Gamepass, and to soften the blow they will introduce this ad model as standard.

Terrible that they are willing to spend 70bil for... idk what, A/B are successful on their own, only to irritate their existing subscribers with ads...in whatever form they'll be.

CobraKai282d ago

My thoughts exactly. Increase the price of the original and say the ad infused one is the cheaper option when it’s really not

Stanjara282d ago

Which is scary, because if Playstation does this, and I've seen the article that they have developing their own system, you are basically having payed online gaming on consoles...

with ads.

I mean... Am I building a PC like Henry Cavill or what?

Extermin8or3_282d ago

@stanjara you think you can escape it on pc? I had todo update to windows other day one of the big package ones. When my pc restarted and configured apps etc. I had to spend 5-10 mins going through screens of MS trying to sell me subscriptions to various services. My start bar often has adverts in it already aswell....

RedDevils282d ago

I block MS update, and I never update my PC work as fine as ever.

Stanjara282d ago

@Extermin8or3 I just installed fresh windows too. Yup. But go here... this guy is a genius. https://christitus.com/one-...

You basically enter irm christitus.com/win | iex into powershell and it pulls his program from internet. Form there you can tweak and remove everything you like. Cut your processes in half.

Check it out. I know its kinda sus but if it's something malicious, mods will take care of me :) Estevez what's up boiiii.

VariantAEC281d ago

That's thankfully not an issue in Windows 10 Pro and hopefully it won't be... at the same time I'm not online regularly. I've heard rampant all over Win11. But it can get worse. Imagine not being able to use Windows at all without a constant internet connection no matter what you pay for it. That day might be coming.

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DeusFever281d ago

Microsoft missed its targets for Game Oass subscribers. The ad supported tier would of help then grow the subscriber base. Raising the price of the paid tier would help them increase profits. The gaming media will still call it the best deal in gaming.

BrainSyphoned282d ago

Works great with their Candy Crush lineup

Knushwood Butt282d ago

This, and mobile is the growth opportunity folks.

If you don't have growth, kiss your investors goodbye.

jznrpg282d ago

And we will hear how great it is to watch ads now .

ApocalypseShadow282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

That's what I was thinking when seeing the article. They were fine with paying for online. They were fine with the price increase. Were fine getting nothing for over a decade paying for online until Sony showed the way by giving games to play every month. They were fine with the idea of DRM 2013 of always online, check ins, and a camera watching you for advertising purposes until Sony fans laughed at them and Jack dropped the mic.

They are fine with subscriptions and not buying games and most likely would be fine with ads plastered everywhere just like the dashboard. They would be fine getting an Xbox that's free with ads or xcloud with ads.

Their habits have negatively affected the game industry but they claim Microsoft's ideas are pro consumer.