Anthem's Failure is Now Complete

Ed writes: Anthem is finally being put out misery. Anthem 2.0 has been cancelled & the game will be left to wither. Are there any good times to recall?

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Darkborn77d ago

I can't wait for the lawsuits.

JayRyu77d ago

I'll be adding my name to this class action lawsuit for sure!

Blade9277d ago

No YOU BETTER LEAVE EA ALONE!! They are a great company that cares for their customers and have a love for making great games! Seriously how dare you...

NotoriousWhiz77d ago

I want in. How do I get my $3.50?

Darkborn77d ago

Same. I picked up the gold edition and never got my dlc.

kneon76d ago


After the lawyers extract their fees from the settlement you'd be lucky to get a coupon for $3.50 off your next purchase

bouzebbal76d ago

So funny how people have been hyping this game since the reveal, just out of CGI. Best surprise of the show.... turned out to be a good joke

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Michiel198977d ago

(class action) lawsuit for what? they released a game that was in our opinion not good enough?
I think the servers are still up for Anthem or not? if so, you are gonna be hardpressed with any lawsuit
seems after the cdpr debacle ppl learned a new word and are now throwing it around left and right.

Yes the game sucked, yeah it wasnt a pretty dev cycle, but its still a game you can play even though its a pile of shit, but not worth any lawsuits. sometimes you know, an AAA game is just not good.

Darkborn76d ago

There was like 50 promises broken. Even the initial E3 trailer wasn't in the game. The weapon showcased, the movable bases, the shaper storm, the cave they showed off. Multiple other things too. Plus we were promised an actual DLC road map and content would be completely free. That was part of buying the game. More was promised over 10 years. The servers won't be up for 10 years I bet, plus there isn't any content.

FanboysKiller76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I don't buy all that c , it's hard to imagine up to this date some publishers and studios relys on people's bad choices before knowing the game itself , marketing s games so people buy it accidentally and get pissed for being unable to refund it is beyond comprehension in today's market , they need grow up and move on ,there is no place for this type of market anymore.

BLow76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

This is why I love my single player games. Don't get me wrong online only titles are fine too, but then stuff like this can happen and now you can't even play the game anymore.

So if you invested time into it, all of it is gone in an instant.

That's why it's good to have choices but fanboys always have to make it black and white. They always deal in absolutes.

That's not life. Even game development is not like that but we all know how that goes lol.

Sorry for all those who bought this game and put time in not it.

Ninver76d ago

I want in even though I never bought the game. We're all entitied by being subjected to it's existance. Jokes jokes

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NewEnds018677d ago

I recently stated playing anthem and truthfully it has the foundation to be a great game.

Killing this game is a shame. Screw you EA.

Vanfernal77d ago

That's the problem. They charged full price and sold you a "foundation" without ever bothering to make a full experience.

Godmars29076d ago

No. The initial trailer showed the potential of what could have been a good to great game.

EA pretty much said "F**k that" and blew of dev time just to blow it while mandating Frostbite as an inhouse across the board game engine - when no one knew how to use it and it was crap for the specific type of game - just so as not to pay license fees for UE4, which their dev teams were very familiar with.

Welshy77d ago

Not really, it never delivered on 90% of it's claims/promises, was panned critically and sold like crap. To promise a No Man's Sky style revival after all that and cancel it too truly is the final nail in the coffin.

Anthem, Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk are the 3 pillars that define "failure" at this point, I'm not holding my breath, but I'd like to think publishers will learn from them.

Luc2077d ago

I think one company paid for marketing of those 3 games?🤔

ManMarmalade76d ago

@Luc all of them went fully commercial and they were all advertised. I remember youtube and t.v. ads for all 3. Unless that's what you're saying and I'm just reading your comment wrong.

masterfox77d ago

I think their fail was completed when they release the game looking totally visually downgraded from its initial trailer, not
sure why some devs or publishers keep doing this when there is 99% chance they will receive a backlash from fans, and on top of that this game was released with some braindead MT's. So yeah the game was already a fail since day 1 imo.

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