Anthem 2.0 Game Director Leaves BioWare

Johnathan Warner announced on Twitter that he is moving on to "do new things".

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Darkborn44d ago

This whole studio needs to be just shut down and absorbed. They have too much bad against them. Can't wait to see anthem with dragons.

Rebel_Scum44d ago

Lately there's been too many higher ups in the industry leaving without achieving. Looking at you Jade, Amy, Casey etc.

Hellcat202044d ago

Also the creative director of Assassins creed just left Ubisoft today as well

annoyedgamer43d ago

Because the corporate boards now design the games, not the game designers.

Father__Merrin44d ago

Dossapointing they've basically dumped anthem

knightedHollow44d ago

Anthem was a phenomenal idea. Everyone was excited.

All they had to do was deliver a traditional rpg shooter like mass effect and it would have been great.
They could add the co op elements for raids but they shouldve treated it like other games...drop in drop out co op or ai companions.

Wasted potential on an otherwise very creative and interesting ip

Darkborn44d ago

The problem was it wasn't a game they made properly. The E3 trailer that showcased the game was just an idea of a version of the game. In fact the game was supposed to be called Beyond up until it was shown on stage. That was just one of the few trailers they brought to that showing and it just so happened it was the one shown off. So then they had a few years to make that game.

knightedHollow44d ago

Yea I read about that.
Still stands that the trailer showed a really cool idea/concept for a game.

The end result was 0% of the initial trailer...which makes you wonder...if the audience loved what they saw why in the 9 hells would you create something entirely different....

Darkborn43d ago

Exactly. The trailer was legit faked. That entire thing was not even in the game prior to its showing. The entire thing never actually made it to launch because they did other things instead.

Father__Merrin43d ago

I sourced a cheap digi key and purposely didn't install in the hope for next gen patch anthem 2.0 as game looked incredible but what a waste

Zeref43d ago

The gameplay was actually fine. It's just that there was barely any content, Anthem must have been the dryest game in terms of content I've ever played. Even Sea of Thieves launch had far more content!

XiNatsuDragnel44d ago

I'm sorry but BioWare needs to be shutdown because of EAs greed.

XiNatsuDragnel43d ago

Yeah I wish lol but my series is still continuing. But seriously though BioWare loss most of its talent and sadly I don't want it to die but it's inevitable.

Rebel_Scum43d ago

Saying 800 people should lose their job for a petty reason is shitty. Even more so during a pandemic. Just think before you post.

XiNatsuDragnel43d ago

Why so? I say what I feel it's not like I'm being "petty" I'm stating what will be best in my opinion if you don't like what you see just ignore next time.

gums00743d ago

Facts don't care about your feelings

Rebel_Scum43d ago

"Why so? I say what I feel it's not like I'm being "petty" I'm stating what will be best in my opinion if you don't like what you see just ignore next time. "

Pathetic response. Easy to say when its not your job is it?

gums00743d ago

Sorry but facts don't care about your feelings

XiNatsuDragnel43d ago

Well I'm inputting how I feel bud and again I'm sorry that my response offends you my dude. You seem more emotional than I am but hey man I'm still going to be me at the end of day and ppl aren't cut and paste we have differences bud and reality won't be friendly to ya if you've that response.

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