Lord of the Rings Online to Receive Visual/Tech Updates as It Prepares for Next-Gen Console Launch

Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online is scheduled to receive a visual and tech overhaul in 2022 as it prepares for launch on next-gen consoles.

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ccgr48d ago

Nice, but I don't have the time for MMOs

Imp0ssibl348d ago

That's too bad. Many of them are quite accessible these days.

Outlawzz48d ago

Same here. MMOs require an alternate lifestyle to make any progress on, their not very accessible to having an outside life.

DragonWarrior1948d ago

I forgot this mmo existed, I remember playing it a long time ago and it being terrible.

Duke1948d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Holy shit LOTRO is still around?! That is going to need more than just an overhaul in the graphics department - needs a new engine/entire rebuild.

Nice to see it still chugging though - if it doesn't just look like an upscaled game from 2010, I may jump back in next gen.

spoonard45d ago

I remember playing this quite a bit just to go around and see all the landmarks in the game. Back then it was basically just a WoW clone. I really wanted to go see Moria and Isengard but neither were in the game yet.