EA to publish Mercenaries 2; confirmed for Xbox 360?

OXM seems to thinks so, or at least hope so.

"Developed by Pandemic Studios, the title has now found a publisher in EA, stepping into breach with a release date scheduled for later this year.

This is great news on two counts; one, the game is going to receive a huge marketing and advertising campaign - refreshing the gaming masses collective memory that Mercenaries 2 will offer fun filled carnage as you fulfil the role of a mercenary for hire, working for the highest bidder in a world on the brink of World War III. Secondly and more importantly; EA has a tendency to publish their games on multiple formats. And EA loves Xbox 360!

Currently, Mercenaries 2 is only confirmed for the PS3 but as we have witnessed before on the next-gen, exclusive titles are hard to come by. The likes of Assassin's Creed, GTAIV and Virtua Fighter 5 have already made the leap from PS3 to Xbox 360, so it's not exactly rocket science to believe that Mercenaries 2 could do the same."

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DJ4901d ago

that it's exclusive for PS3.

Booneral4900d ago

they will state otherwise soon enough. It's not a big riddle, it's not the most anticipated game in the world. Pandemic and EA wants to make more money so...

FordGTGuy4901d ago (Edited 4901d ago )

in whether or not its an exclusive anymore but EA does now that they are the publishers.

MikeMichaels4901d ago

....they can't just snap their fingers and make Pandemic pop out a new version.

EA is just getting the games to shelfs. Like when Take 2 distributed Sega's 2k sports series for them.

I'm not saying it can't happen, but it's not EA's choice to make.

PureGamer4901d ago

as long as its on both not just one its alright

JPomper4901d ago

And as long as it has multiplayer.

UNREAL-T4901d ago

What's good DJ, how u doing my lil friend.

I don't care if it exclusive or not, i just wanna play it(on ps3).

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The story is too old to be commented.