Capcom Indicates It’s Not Surprised By Resident Evil 3’s Sales Decline

The remake has so far sold significantly lower than its predecessors…

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Agent_00_Revan42d ago

Well when you don't take the time and put in as much love and care like you did with RE2 Remake its not surprising at all. You rushed out another remake only a year later. You bundled it with a multiplayer no one wanted so you could charge $60 instead of a lower price point since you knew the remake was short and much of the original was cut. It would've done really well at a $30-40 price point. But instead this seemed like a cheap cash grab compared to what you released only a year prior.

JokerBoy42242d ago

To be fair, I wouldn't say it was a "cheap cash grab". However it was definitely rushed to cash in on the success of the RE2 Remake.

Chard42d ago

"However it was definitely rushed to cash in"
Sounds like a cash grab

Seraphim41d ago

It also came on the heels of the RE2 remake; what a year between. If they'd have pushed it back, given it more polish and perhaps even focused on making a next gen compatible/upgraded version and releasing in early '21 I think they'd have done better. 2 cents

C-H-E-F41d ago

"I wouldn't say it was a 'cheap cash grab' "
Very next sentence defines cash grab:
"However it was definitely rushed to cash in on the success of the RE2 Remake."

LMAO, should go into politics.

Agent7541d ago

Take a look at the Resident Evil franchise and you'll see there's been plenty of cash grab games remade. I wouldn't even say CAPCOM is a major player in gaming anymore.

JokerBoy42240d ago

@ Chard and C-H-E-F fair points lol, however what is in the Resi 3 Remake is polished and fluid so there is definitely quality in the game. The issue at hand is its length which was also the issue with the original version back in the day too. They could have done a better job sure, but I wouldn't call it a pure "cash grab". I'd claim that title for shitty licensed games that are only there to piggyback off of successful movies and TV shows, or legitimately broken sequels rushed out the door.

The Resi 3 Remake isn't really any of those things, its just short and they charged too much, however, while nobody actually wanted the multiplayer mode, it wasn't that bad and actually quite fun.

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neutralgamer199241d ago

If only they had taken their time and given it the same care as RE2 remake it would have sold much better. Instead of adding content to na already short original game they took out even more

RosweeSon41d ago

Thing is they were made back to back as far as I’m aware the main problem was resi 2 was always brilliant and I’m sorry but 3 never was it’s a good Resi I appreciate some people really enjoyed it but prob the worst of the original few (up to code veronica) plus it’s short and had all its extra bonus modes for completing it removed that’s just stupid. Add to it few extra modes but don’t take out from what was already a pretty bare bones game even back in the day.

neutralgamer199240d ago


They could have changed that and made proper improvements to make the game bigger and better

Dirty_Lemons41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

As a kid Resi 3 was always my preferred game of the two. However when it comes to the remakes, there was so much that was cut out from Nemesis that it just seems like such a missed opportunity to bring another beloved classic to the new generation of gamers. A remixed Mercenaries: OMJ would have been tremendous, instead we got Resistance... Less said the better.

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seanpitt2342d ago

Downgrade the Physics Massively That’s what made RE2 Remake so good.
Make the game 4 hours long cut a lot of content From the original game that made it so special
Tack on a MP game that nobody wanted to justify the full price
The nemesis was underwhelming

This is what happens if you get a 2nd team in with not as much talent as the 1st team... people don’t buy it

Bnet34342d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I didn't know a second team made this one. How do you know? Was it like a different internal team within Capcom or some third party like a Bluepoint Games or something?

Edit: Just did some research, RE3 was made by an internal team under the name Red Works. The studio that lent a hand in that RE3 development is M-Two, they are in charge of RE4 Remake.

Nebaku42d ago

How is having a fraction of the original dev's team time to make the same game, a fair judgement of the new teams "talent"?

GreatSako202041d ago

RE2 Remake was also rushed. Scenario B was lacking and lazy. The story between the two secanrios did not make sense. The game was still phenomenal if you consider a single scenario. The Zombies looked really nice, the game physics and body damage and deformation was fantastic. The atmosphere was great.

Vandamme2142d ago

Personally I enjoyed the game. But I can definitely tell it was rushed. I do understand why it was rushed though. It had a lot to do with resident evil 8 village.

Iceman100x42d ago

"Personally I enjoyed the game. But I can definitely tell it was rushed"
the game was made at the same time as resident evil 2.

anast42d ago

Just about everyone saw this coming. They dropped a well manicured game in RES2, then 2 seconds later they rushed out RES3 at the same price.

ZeroBlue242d ago

I mean, it's not that surprising. Wasn't RE3 considerably less popular than RE2?

Knightofelemia42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

The old RE 3 game was just as great as RE 2 on PS1, Game Cube, and Dreamcast it was a full game unlike the remake. The RE3 remake is the one that is terrible they just rushed a half built game and pushed it out the door and charged full price for it.

TheEnigma31342d ago

It was less popular but i wouldn't say considerably

Sirk7x41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Yes, it sold millions less, and was a shorter game. It's still the lowest selling main RE game, other than Code Veronica. Two of the areas that were missing for the remake as well were never intended to be in the original, but were added in by orders from higher ups as padding to increase the game's length. RE3 was also released a little over a year after 2, and had the same problems back then as people have now with the remake lol.

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