The Scariest Moment from Each Resident Evil Game

From Xfire: "The Resident Evil franchise is back, perhaps better than ever, with critics and audiences alike singing nothing but praises for the latest mainline installment, Resident Evil Village. Naturally, the latest Resident Evil game brings even more nightmare-inducing moments to the tally, adding werewolves and nine-foot-six tall vampires to the mix."

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Kombatologist493d ago

RE1's first zombie encounter was definitely creepy in its own right, but it was the Cerberuses that jump through the hallway windows that gave most people a fright. You didn't know what to expect at that point, as nowhere felt safe. Furthermore, not only does the back of the game box mention (let alone show) zombies, but the official strategy guide prominently featured a zombie on the cover as well. It wasn't a secret.

Everything else is on point though.

roadkillers493d ago

I agree, you knew something was going to happen with the window. I kept walking past and nothing, so I let my guard down thinking I was paranoid.

RE8 had some scary moments. Most of the moments are when you don't know how to survive, like the fetus. There is one aspect that scared me more and it is a spoiler.

Okay, here is a puzzle that Capcom did perfect. You go on into this wooden shed. There is a table with a piece of paper on top and a safe on the bottom. The safe needs a 6-digit code to open. The paper says "look out the window... you grip about looking out the window. When you look, the code is across the buildings. They made you think something would scare you. So you try lining up the code and then this lycon pops up howling! Haha, I shit my pants. That was terrifying and one of the best scares I have ever had.