Resident Evil 3 on PS5 uses the DualSense light bar to show Jill’s health

It turns out that Resident Evil 3 uses the DualSense's light bar to show how much health protagonist Jill Valentine has.

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Babadook7263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Didn't the Dual Shock 4 also do this? Particularly the new one that has a front facing strip?

MrDead263d ago

Dual Shock 4 also does this in Death Stranding on the PC

Prubar263d ago

Yea I remember it specifically with Killzone SF. Didn’t really notice it to much after that.

Master of Unlocking263d ago

What? How do you manage to get that feature working on a PC game? I can't even get the rumble feature to work when i use my DualShock 4 to play my emulators on PC, or even use it without a cable :(

Are you one of the few lucky owners of that bluetooth dongle that Sony had officially released a couple years back to connect the DS4 to the PC wirelessly, that originally sold for 20€ and can't be found now for less than 5 times as much?

MrDead263d ago

Death Stranding on Steam the colour bar changes with BB

I just plug it in with a normal USB. Most Steam games just work with the DS4, same with Epic, Rockstar and Unisoft launchers all have rumble support. Had a few issues with ea games but for that I use a program called DS4Windows

tombfan263d ago

Yea... but i always put the DS4 light on dim because the main light can be too much, the new design fixes that and make a more subtle feeling without making it distracting or disturbing.

KingofBandits262d ago

yes the DS4 did this too just not noticed unless you have a revision 2 of the DS4 with the strip on the touch pad

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Petebloodyonion263d ago

Cool little touch!
I love when dev make things like this.

ziggurcat263d ago

Cool - I think not enough devs used the light bar on the DS4 as a feature in their games. I hope more devs take advantage of this on PS5.

jznrpg263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Dualsense is so awesome they need to make use of most of the features (all hopefully) in all games imo. It really adds a lot to the experience and PS5 will really stand out because of the controller with it all
games they were already great at making . It all adds up and makes a unique experience even with multiplat games

OtterX263d ago

I always thought the Red and Blue flashing lights was pretty cool w the cops on GTAV. Especially if you're playing in a dark room.

jznrpg263d ago

I like little things like this personally

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