Little Devil Inside Developers Address Complaints of Racist Character Design

NeoStream writes: We will be making the following fixes to the current characters but if it ends up not being suitable to the game as a whole, we may change the design entirely.

1. Remove the Dreadlocks.
2. Change the bold lips.
3. Change skin tone.
4. Tweak the dart blower so it looks less like a joint."

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Community1468d ago
mania5681469d ago

why? censoring things in games is never the right move, the people who complain about this things were never going to buy your game anyway, trying to appease the 1% while ignoring the 99%, they just want to complain, there are some people who where to buy your game who might now not be so happy about it, never censor your games developers...

Greg28011468d ago

Yeah this is just plain stupid. Im black myself and i dont see anything offensive about that design. And i know that im not the only one.
They should just ignore that 1% that are feeling butthurt about this.

NecrumOddBoy1468d ago

I thought their looks was just a mix of BOTW's moblin troops and the Tikihead from Crash. "Tribal" is not a color; it is a theme. Now I feel like we are going to allow that 1% to ruin everything for everyone. Outrage and cancel culture will be the death of art.

medman1468d ago

LOL...you folks in here are pathetic. You're calling those who are complaining "butthurt", and yet here you are butt all hurting because of the developers decision on what to do with THEIR game. Typical.

deleted1468d ago

Wow. Yea, I was doing this design for fun this last year, inspired by Tiki culture. (unfinished)


What went through my mind was the Crash Bandicoot tiki mask guy and tiki mask culture in general. :\ The furthest thing from my mind was depicting anything racial in a negative way.

1468d ago
chiefJohn1171468d ago

I'm black and I find them offensive

mikeslemonade1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

America getting soft by the day. And it’s not 1%. It seems like it’s close to 50% that believe in this racial justice movement.

So Little Mermaid remake gets to be black but these characters in the game can’t be black and tribal, give me a break. Y’all trying to have it both ways as usual.

@medmen if they had asian or white peasants I don’t care either. Just give me the story on how it’s intended. Now they gonna make the characters grey or green maybe which makes it hella cartoony.

PrinceAli1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

and because you're black you speak for the blacks?? Lord knows you dont speak for me so whats your point?

Reading through this thread just highlights how dumb and prejudice a lot of you guys are.. it's sad.. for people who don't care you seem to really care about people caring... The only thing you guys seem to be latching onto is how 'soft' everyone is and 'butthurt' rather than realising offensive material or HOW something can be offensive... people aren't become 'soft' and lashing out they are rightly voicing their opinions and reality... what you are saying is 'People are soo soft now and get butthurt all the time' which translates too 'i wish we could go back to a time where we could be openly racist and prejudice without being called out for it and with 0 accountability'

rdgneoz31468d ago

It's like they've never heard of Pixel Junk Monsters 1 or 2...

mikeslemonade1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

^y’all assuming again. I never said be openly racist. We can’t have a dark skin character showing tribal elements in a video game? Now that’s being a whiny and butthurt person. That’s too elementary. That was the last thing I thought of when I was watching the game, I didn’t connect that as being black people characters.

mikeslemonade1468d ago

Zombies are usually white skinned in the media. They are dumb and slow at walking. Now we don’t hear anybody really having an issue with that.

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Zeref1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

If your game is offending a group of people. it should not be out there. This was clearly a stereotypical depiction of african tribal culture.

Doesn't matter if they were going to buy it or not.

mandf1468d ago

So we cant have a tribal African influenced game. The woke response is its created by white people. Remember friends TV show had no black people and how wole they were but it was created by white people. Paying homage to a culture shouldn't be a insult.. everything in today's culture is influenced by all past cultures. The world is just becoming a bunch of haters. No wonder why I smoke so much weed.

morganfell1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Who is the arbiter of what is offensive? Is this nature of being offended restricted to only a few people? Can Caucasians be offended? Did masks like that actually exist? See where this is going? It is a slippery slope generated by the Perpetual Eternally Reactionary Victims Establishment.

The truth is that once you give in it never stops. They will simply move onto something else until they absorb you into their group think collective.

Zeref1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Who is the arbiter of what is offensive?
The people who are being offended. There is not one group of people that decides what is offensive.

Is this nature of being offended restricted to only a few people?
Of course not.

Can Caucasians be offended?
Of course.

Did masks like that actually exist?
Masks like this do not exist. That is the offensive part. its a stereotypical depiction of how WHITE people see african tribal people.

See where this is going?
I do not see where this is going

BenRC011468d ago

Bet you're 14 and white af. Did your little basement group give you a round of applause for this post?

NecrumOddBoy1468d ago

"its a stereotypical depiction of how WHITE people see african tribal people."

Game is made in South Korea dude. Quit being a racist.

mandf1468d ago


I dont know if you are replying to me. I'm 44 and did1 12yrs of my life behind bars where real racist shit goes on not some oh we had it first shit. Life is not just what you see.i n the history of the world all races have been enslaved. All races have been wronged. Right now its it's about basic human rights not oh he borrowed from my culture. It should be an honor not a slight. You youngins have to much time on your hands looking for a fight over any perceived insult.

I_am_Batman1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Q:"Who is the arbiter of what is offensive?"
A:"The people who are being offended. There is not one group of people that decides what is offensive."
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - -
Ok here are two more questions for you:

1. What characteristics determine a 'group' of people?
2. How big must the percentage of offended people within this group be for it to warrant alteration or banning of the game?

1468d ago
KiRBY30001468d ago


OK then here is what I'm offended by. I'm offended that some people are hooked on seeing racism everywhere they can. I'm offended by the absolute lack of logic of the process. I can go on and on about everything I don't like or support and express myself in a way that says those things are offensive. I made the statements. Will it stop now? Or does it only work in one direction?

People are bullying the creators of this game into restricting the range of what they are allowed to do artistically, and they think they're making the world a better place by doing so. Absolutely delusional.

1468d ago
Imalwaysright1468d ago


I'm deeply offended by what you wrote here. What are you going to do about it?

Also these are african masks built by african tribes https://www.pngitem.com/pim...

Wich again, offend me deeply so how do we go about cancelling those racist african tribes?

Dirtnapstor1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Why is depicting characters of any real world resemblance racist? Where would we draw ANY concepts from if it were not the real world?
How do you know whether or not this game is being made by “White people” as you have inferred? What if they have Black devs on their team? What if specific aspects of this game were realized by the Black devs? It doesn’t matter who really, but my point is that you’re attempting to cherry-pick (is “cherry-picking” racist?)
Maybe, just maybe the team came up with something that look led pretty cool solely based on a collective of concepts gathered from what they’ve seen....and that’s it. Just that. Simple. “I like that look, let’s go with it” type of thing.
Are white people the only ones allows to be imposed upon?

Laxus1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )


These aren't real african tribal masks lol

Literally says "Costume" in the link. Foh

Yall just wanna be racist in peace. That ain't gonna happen. Dev already changed their minds.

morganfell1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

The developers did not change their mind based on the accuracy of the mask art but due to screaming of the perpetually offended. You should try living in the real world.

"The people who are being offended. There is not one group of people that decides what is offensive."

I'm offended by people kneeling during the Nation Anthem of the United States. And there are other veterans that are not. You see no group is completely consolidated. According to some groups other groups have no rights. Plenty of BLM supporters and black nationalists claim you cannot be racist toward Caucasians. Basically Caucasians do not get to decide when they are offended. It just becomes a never ending screamfest by people that want to live in an imaginary world where they are king and cannot conceive of a life where they are not a victim and must go tilting against demon windmills.

As for actual masks:



There are tons if you google them and look at authentic masks. I will bet 99.99% of the so called offended have never seen an actual traditional African mask in their life. This entire matter was nothing more than another case of an invented offense. And gamers, who used to be among the ultra savvy, are becoming more gullible by the year. In large part they bought off on it and got behind the glorious freedom cause. Pathetic.

And Neostream Interactive? South Korean developer. You know, Koreans. The ethnic group who have a well documented history of being racially targeted and attacked here in the US. Any guess who keeps doing that?

@Necrum - bingo.

Imalwaysright1468d ago


Ah yes, how easy it is for ignorants to point their finger at others and call them all kinds of "isms" and "ists". I searched for traditional african masks that can be found in museums and here are some of the results


So what are your excuses now? How come are you so casually calling others racists when you don't know the 1st thing about traditional african cultures? Are you going to call african tribes and the people behind the museums that are sharing traditional african cultures with the world all kinds of "isms" and "ists" as well?