A closer look at Little Devil Inside’s world map

Dev details on the extended gameplay seen in State of Play.

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GaboonViper37d ago

This looks stunning, i love it.

Jin_Sakai37d ago

Agreed. Can’t wait for this one!

darthv7237d ago

I like how when it is zoomed out, they look like weeble wobbles. Very impressive looking game.

FlavorLav0136d ago

Right!? Reminds me of the old claymation Christmas animated specials. Rudolf and little drummer boy. Looks fantastic and fresh. Game wise I think it looks full of character with mechanics that don’t appear done to death. Can’t wait!

RaidenBlack37d ago

This was the highlight for me from the whole SoP.

Si-Fly36d ago

Not saying much when everything else was meh at best! But I have to say this looked stunning 🤩

Destiny108037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

what happens, if you run over those cute little sheep

cant wait to play this beautiful game

GaboonViper37d ago

Plot twist - the sheep are actually the main boss of the game.

Traecy37d ago

My first glance I thought it was interesting but after this recent trailer I'm on the fence. I may have to see more gameplay to make my final decision if I will buy this or not.

Hellcat202037d ago

And still somehow no release date

monkey60236d ago

I know! For a game that was supposed to release during the summer and is already years past its expected crowd funding release this is excruciating! I cant wait for it though.