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Tigerblud198d ago

I don't think the Little Devil Inside is coming in July. And missing my most anticipated point Cris Tales.

sourOG198d ago

Little devil inside looks great. [email protected] space jam being a beat em up and not a basketball game. Makes total sense.

CantThinkOfAUsername198d ago

Nothing for me. Guess it's time to visit the backlog.

198d ago
JRPGsAreTheBest198d ago

Skyward sword port for full price is lmao, legit no changes at all. Compared to the effort Nintendo put on windwaker HD and that was a lower price, sorry but this is robbery.

VersusDMC198d ago

Don't forget that a fast travel feature is locked to a amibo as well and that you need to scan that amibo each time you want to use it....