Little Devil Inside Confirmed for Wednesday's State of Play Show

PlayStation has confirmed that Little Devil Inside will be making an appearance during Wednesday's State of Play livestream.

Jin_Sakai945d ago

Nice! Been interested in this game for some time.

Darkborn945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

Same. I didn't think much of it at first, but it grew on me and I'm not sure if I'll buy it, but I do want to see some more. Just like stray, the first reveal I rolled my eyes. The next trailer I was like OK, that's pretty cool now.

945d ago
Darkborn945d ago (Edited 945d ago )

And there we have it. Recycled third person trash. More like awards and recognition every year, multiple times a year. You know first person games are far more alike than third person right? The same weapons, same reload animations, basically the same hands. I'm just saying the initial videos of stray and this game didn't do it for me. The second video on stray showed a lot more and got me excited. This game could do that too.

Edit* I didn't want to do it but your probably one of those guys that says returnal is uncharted with aliens and demons souls is uncharted with demons. Next thing you know you'll say gran turismo is uncharted with cars and the order 1886 was uncharted with beards right?

0hMyGandhi944d ago

wow. I totally forgot about this game. I threw some money at the kickstarter like 7 years ago or so?
I freaking love what I am seeing.

RaiderNation945d ago

FINALLY! Ive been so curious about this game ever since they showed it last year.

MrNinosan945d ago

Didn't IGN show it 6 years ago? 😉

EvertonFC945d ago

Anyone else think maybe a ps plus November title?

TheDoomedGuy945d ago

You just left me drooling at the thought.

Darkborn945d ago

I kind of think that the avengers game will show off spiderman today and they will announce it coming to ps+ maybe.

Snakeeater25945d ago

It’s will probably be something like mortal kombat 11 or a indie game no one ever heard of

TheDoomedGuy945d ago

Hopefully it releases soon and I wish they hadn't had to change a thing because of stupid snowflakes. Really excited to see something new from this game.

EvertonFC945d ago

Bless from kindafunnygames was one of them who was offended at one of the characters having a black face and big red lips.
I cant stand that bless or janet and have since stopped watching them plebs.

TheDoomedGuy944d ago

Yeah I remember that. Silly thing to be offended by since it's actually represented as such in the culture.

Funny how all these people that are offended most often aren't even part of the culture but present themselves as experts of that culture.

dbcoops944d ago

That wasn't even the characters face it was a tribal mask and was accurate to what a lot of tribal masks look like but facts mean little to woke social justice warriors hell bent on raising a stink over anything they can.