Destructoid interview: Jeffrey Steefel, executive producer of Lord of the Rings Online

Destructoid's Brad Nicholson writes: "Tuesday, Turbine's Mines of Moria expansion hit retail outlets. In addition to giving players access to the granddaddy of all dungeons, it also provides several key upgrades. On the visual side there's a new dynamic lighting system, as well as "dual-height" mapping, which has been described to me as flipping mountains to create more dynamic ceilings in structures. There's also a new way to view unique items. It's called Legendary Items, and it will allow players to imbue, customize and even name their own weapons. Plus, any MMO update wouldn't be complete without adding two additional character classes and a larger level cap.

To celebrate the release, I recently got the opportunity to talk to executive producer of the game, Jeffrey Steefel. We talked about what he felt some of the more enticing features of the expansion were, how long it took to complete it, and even what Tolkien would think about Turbine's work.

I also tried to get to the bottom of the mystery MMO Turbine is working on for consoles, but as you'll see, Turbine is quite tight-lipped about such things. Hit the break for the full interview."

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