GRAW2 Top 5 Improvements

IGN AU was given the privilege of being the first in the country to serve time with Tom Clancy's latest. They very happy to report back from their time in the field with the message that yes, it's everything a sequel should be - bigger, better and meatier than the first. It's only after playing the sequel that IGN realized what the original didn't do so well. While the first had the oomph of an automatic 12-gauge assault shotgun, GRAW2 impresses with the decisive power of a Barret .50 cal sniper rifle.

After clearing a couple of levels with the ghosts, IGN thought they'd fill you in on the Top 5 improvements they noticed during their tour of duty.

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BenzMoney4278d ago

Well, it sounds like they're making some headway. I'm skeptical that this is going to be much more than a prehash of the original since it's coming so soon after - but who knows? If they pull it off, I'll purchase. I just hope they're putting a lot of energy into fixing the mutliplayer. Party system please?!?! (When will developers finally figure out that in a post Halo 2 world, a party system is the only way to go for these kinds of games?!)

Scrooge4278d ago

Why did IGN keep calling GRAW a launch title? It came out 4 months after 360's release, is that still considered launch?

Grown Folks Talk4277d ago

supposed to have been a launch title. it got pushed back because it was no where near ready at the time.

PS360PCROCKS4277d ago

Ok I LOVE the demo, this is a MUCH MUCH better game than the original. Everything is smoother, more easy to access and makes more sense, I really love the improvements, it helps to get you in the mood of the game for sure. The explosions and the sound are excellent really tying the whole experience together. It should definetly be wroth $60 and guys you need to remember the first game was built on a new system with new technology, new engines, cross com, being able to direct your team, it's the reasoning the first game took so long to make, everything was built from scratch. This game is already built, now it's just tweaked, added upon and made better, and now that leaves more time to actually design the game. Which if anything should have you excited because the story and scenes and locations are going to be bigger, better and more detailed. It's no re-hash, when have you picked up a Ubisoft game and really truly felt cheated or felt underwhelmed? Their a fantastic company and their HUGE, they have many studios, it's not like theirs 10 guys doing all their games 10 at a time. Try the demo you'll want to buy it afterwards