Almost Nobody Played A Bad Guy In Mass Effect

One of the key appeals of playing the Mass Effect series at its time of release was the way, like BioWare’s older games, your in-game decisions and actions would propel you towards the ends of a binary good/evil scale, potentially changing the game’s story. Turns out BioWare almost needn’t have bothered, since so few players went to the dark side.

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FallenAngel198443d ago

Being a villain is always fun. I always go bad in games with morality choices on my second playthrough

medman42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I usually start out with that same intention on second or third playthroughs, but I never truly go fully evil.....I find I loved certain members of my Mass Effect party too much to mistreat them. Liara especially.

Gaming10142d ago

I played as a total bad guy just to see what would happen out of sheer morbid curiousity. For both ME2 and ME3.
The problem sometimes is you become more of a cartoon bad guy with motives that make little to no sense, where you don't gain anything by being a dick.
I wish the writing was better for bad guy decisions, since it's sometimes a choice between being a goody two shoes and being the worst human being on Earth.

rainslacker42d ago

I played the evil side for the trophy. But, the overall story still plays out like you're a good guy, so the actual choices involved in renegade tree were pretty pointless. Very few things were affected by one's choice of good vs. evil. Just some initial reactions, and a few instances where meaningless people wouldn't help you with something meaningless later.

AspiringProGenji43d ago

Whatever path you choose:

Screw the council or go home

lellkay42d ago

Always did a Paragon Male and a Renegade Fem Shep

Andy_Dee42d ago

Amen brother!

Did the sam! :D

Fem Shep is so bad ass! I love the voice acting, really had way more impact than the male version imo!

lellkay42d ago

Absolutely!! renegade FemShep is legit bad ass

dreamoner42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Fuck this article. If there is no "bad guy" choice playing the "good guy" isn't as meaning. And I'm saying this despite that I almost always play the bad guy after my goody two shoes canon playthroughs.

TK-6641d ago

It didn't say theres no bad guy choice... its saying less people picked it. Personally I think it's because Shepard with the red scars looks fucked up and dumb rather than becaus people didn't want to make renegade decisions.

carcarias42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I'm not sure 'evil' or 'bad guy' is the right way of describing it. It was called Renegade for a reason.

It was more of a ruthless, harsh and rebellious Shepard, rather than an 'evil/bad guy' one. And I played that version plenty of times ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.