'Anthem Next' Should Be a Standalone Expansion, Not a Series of Updates

Escapist: "BioWare is reportedly planning a full-scale revamp of their trouble game Anthem, and this author argues it should be strictly a standalone expansion."

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porkChop1671d ago

No. It should be a free update to the people who paid for a product that was utter garbage and barely worked on release. They should get the game they were promised, which they already paid for.


Whatever it is it better be free to anyone who bought Anthem

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Sidewinder-1670d ago

I can't fathom how there are people out there that can remain accepting of this train-wreck excuse of a game.
How is it not the smoking gun (alongside Battlefront 2) to showcase that this type of big company, high-production value bulshit can't be trusted anymore?
Do they not know there are thousands of more capable pieces of entertainment out there? At the very least, wait and see.

Chaos_Order1670d ago

"Do they not know there are thousands of more capable pieces of entertainment out there?"

This is always my first thought when people defend bad practices within the game industry, or any industry for that matter. "Loot boxes are a part of gaming now! Get used to it!" Etc. Meanwhile I'm playing game after game after game without any such nonsense. Plenty of games are released that are just genuinely great but are apparently invisible to those who defend the regression of gaming standards.

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isarai1670d ago

So you want them to charge you full price again to fix the game you already bought?

People like this is why the industry is so sh!tty these days

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Anthem Sold A Solid 5 Million Copies In Its Lifetime

The multiplayer action RPG shipped a whopping 2 million copies in its first week alone.

JEECE178d ago

A nice piece of proof-as if anymore was needed-that a game isn't automatically a success if it sells "millions of copies."

RiseNShine178d ago

I don't know if it's still possible, but if it still works, PLAY IT. It's a fantastic RPG on it's own, incredible graphics and story, well worth the Bioware name, i don't know how bad it was on release, but when i played years later it was a great single player RPG well worth playing.

ChasterMies178d ago

This a good example of why you should be hesitant to buy a game at launch.

--Onilink--177d ago

Its has been on sale multiple times for like $2-3… and even when not that aggressively dropped, it is usually in the under $10 category of any sale

BlackCountryBob178d ago

That’s good, but also worth pointing out that after maybe 3 months on sale, this game was selling for about a tenner. Reminds me a bit of Days Gone, good sales overall but only after huge discounts so unlikely to make large profit