RIP Anthem – but did we need another big-name redemption story?

Hope has faded at last for the resurrection of BioWare’s ill-fated MMO-ish looter-shooter Destiny thing. Despite reports that it was definitely not getting binned late last year, EA has pulled the plug.

Though this is sad for the game's fans, would it have been healthy for the industry to see another game 'saved' from mediocrity at launch, and is it a good thing for consumers to come to expect it?

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isarai54d ago

Would've been good for those who wasted their money on it

Snookies1253d ago

I remember when this was about to release. Some of my friends were trying to persuade me to buy it on release. Really dodged a bullet not biting on this one, haha.

GamerRN53d ago

I was one of those guys trying to talk it up... Uggggggggh

GottaBjimmyb53d ago

Yea, I would say if we is people who bought it, then yes.

If we is EA, specifically Bioware, I would say even importantly yes.

If just gamers, no, who cares.

thorstein53d ago

I bought it. I enjoyed it. Played the post game content that was sparse but quite good. The SP portion was great. They should have stuck with that model and had more story with some MP lite.

Parasyte53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Would’ve been good for the devs that poured their hearts and souls into the game and were victims of godawfully incompetent mismanagement.

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CYALTR54d ago

Buyer beware of GaaS. Stinky!!

Christopher53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Yeah, who needs to feel like the $60 they paid to play a game will be supported by the developers who said they would make the game one that they support for years?

ikarodemon53d ago

One good AA > No finished AAA
We need more AA games they are less risk.

Sidewinder-53d ago

Hope faded as soon as those words, "Ohhh yess!! Jarra's Wrath!!" were spoken.

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The story is too old to be commented.