After Nine Years, Two Worlds II Gets Final Single-Player Expansion Next Month

Topware Interactive will deliver the final piece of single-player DLC for its 2010 RPG Two Worlds II early next month.

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winter_hill540d ago

I enjoyed this game on my X360, much better than the first one. Sucks we have to wait so long for TW3. I hope they port this game to PS4/X1 in the meantime, especially after all these updates and new expansions. Would certainly help build some hype for the third entry, at least a little.

rawshack539d ago

Yes it's a very underrated games I'm all so hoping it gets port to ps4 one day

TheRealTedCruz538d ago

Guess they're officially done milking the only passable game they've released. They can always rename Raven's Cry again and pull a couple more sales from the unknowing public.