Two Worlds II New DLC Coming Next Month, More Than 6 Years After the Game's Release

More than six years since its initial launch, Two Worlds II is getting a new DLC pack next month entitled Call of the Tenebrae.

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MilkMan1862d ago

Damn, I had it for the 360. Too bad.

Booggeyman1862d ago

You can also get it as a standalone expansion so you wouldn't need the original to play this DLC.

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Tango_9111862d ago

So this is basically a remaster with new content?

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MatrixxGT1861d ago

Wow. I remember the first two worlds and I was sick as a dog and played it non stop. Don't know why but I played for about 5 hours and hadn't saved when my first 360 RROD.

While I was looking up every trick in the book to fix my 360 I came across the reviews for the game and don't think I found a single one over 2/10. Lol.

I gave two worlds 2 a chance but for one reason or another I don't remember much about it.