Looking back to 2009 and the beauty of Bayonetta

Paul writes: "Being described as an "action adventure hack and slash" game, with major themes of "sexiness" and "partial nudity" (those wacky Japanese, eh?), luckily Bayonetta played a whole lot better than the description made it sound."

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PhoenixUp330d ago

Back in 2009 Bayonetta caught so much flak from SJWs for owning her sexuality like Morrigan

gamer7804329d ago

at first I was ticked, but the way things have turned since sony moved its HQ to cali, I'm kinda glad its on nintendo platforms instead of sony, can only imagine all the censorship they'd give bayo3. Still wish it was on xbox as well so we could see a good graphical leap.

InKnight7s330d ago

That game is superior to DMC4, DmC, GOW3 and whatsoever Hack and Slash games back then.

AK91330d ago

To be fair being better than DmC isn't particularly difficult.

iplay1up2329d ago

Devil May Cry 5 is great! Astrial Chain is better, but still.

bishup25329d ago

they're not making enough of this series.
it would have also been great if this was also on all platforms.
i mean it was also great on the Wii-U. but i also mean spending more time expanding on more concepts.

Tiqila329d ago

Wasn't better than GoW 3

Concertoine329d ago

It depends on where your priorities are. GoW 3 has it beat in terms of spectacle (although not by much, Bayo ends with you hurling a God into the sun) but the sheer depth of Bayonetta's combat is leaps and bounds ahead of GoW 3.

AK91330d ago

Bayonetta 3 Ninty when?

330d ago
Fraggle1987330d ago

Gotta say i hate pretty much everything about bayonetta. The gameplay was fine but everything else was terrible.

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